Benjamin Escher

Department:IKM - Metallic Glasses and Composites
Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-171

"Influence of structural heterogeneities on the mechanical behavior of Cu-Zr-based BMGs"

Curriculum Vitae

Time from 01.05.2012
Function Scientific staff/ PhD-student
Occupation Influence of structural heterogeneities on the mechanical behavior of Cu-Zr-based BMGs
Employer IFW Dresden e.V.
Time 01.02.2011-30.09.2011
Function Diploma-student
Occupation Impact of the microstructure of the hot rolled strap on the formation of the microstructure of cold rolled and annealed multi-phase steels
Employer ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG
Time 17.05.2010-16.11.2010
Function Trainee
Occupation Development of the microstructure of beta-Ti-Mo binary alloys through thermo-mechanical processing (ECAP)
Employer University of Melbourne
Time 01.10.2008-28.02.2009
Function Trainee
Occupation Investigation of the austenisation behavior in the ferrite austenite two-phase region of a microalloyed line pipe steel
Employer Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung GmbH
Time 01.12.2007-31.07.2008
Funtion Student research assistant
Occupation Experimetal work on novel X-Ray devices, students training
Employer TU Dresden, Institut für Werkstoffwissenschaft
Time 01.10.2005-30.11.2011
Function Student
Qualification Diplomingenieur (Materials Science)
Concentration Structural materials
University TU Dresden

Journal papers


B. Escher, U. Kuehn, J. Eckert, C. Rentenberger, S. Pauly: Influence of Ag and Co additions on glass-forming ability, thermal and mechanical properties of Cu-Zr-Al bulk metallic glasses, Materials Science and Engineering A 673 (2016), S. 90-98 URL

H. Shakur Shahabi, S. Scudino, I. Kaban, M. Stoica, B. Escher, S. Menzel, G.B.M. Vaughan, U. Kuehn, J. Eckert: Mapping of residual strains around a shear band in bulk metallic glass by nanobeam X-ray diffraction, Acta Materialia 111 (2016), S. 187-193 URL


I. Kaban, P. Jovari, B. Escher, D.T. Tran, G. Svensson, M.A. Webb, T.Z. Regier, V. Kokotin, B. Beuneu, T. Gemming, J. Eckert: Atomic structure and formation of CuZrAl bulk metallic glasses and composites, Acta Materialia 100 (2015), S. 369-376 URL

S. Scudino, H. Shakur Shahabi, M. Stoica, I. Kaban, B. Escher, U. Kuehn, G.B.M. Vaughan, J. Eckert: Structural features of plastic deformation in bulk metallic glasses, Applied Physics Letters 106 (2015) Nr. 3, S. 31903/1-5 URL


S. Pauly, K. Kosiba, P. Gargarella, B. Escher, K.K. Song, G. Wang, U. Kuehn, J. Eckert: Microstructural evolution and mechanical behaviour of metastable Cu-Zr-Co alloys, Journal of Material Science and Technologie 30 (2014) Nr. 6, S. 584-589 URL