Daniel Wadewitz

Department:IKM - Chemistry of Functional Materials
Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-notset

Journal papers:6
Invited talks:1

Journal papers


U. Stoeck, J. Balach, M. Klose, D. Wadewitz, E. Ahrens, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Reconfiguration of lithium sulphur batteries: "Enhancement of Li-S cell performance by employing a highly porous conductive separator coating", Journal of Power Sources 309 (2016), S. 76-81 URL


M. Klose, K. Pinkert, M. Zier, M. Uhlemann, F. Wolke, T. Jaumann, P. Jehnichen, D. Wadewitz, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Hollow carbon nano-onions with hierarchical porosity derived from commercial metal organic framework, Carbon 79 (2014), S. 302-309 URL


R. Adam, D. Wadewitz, W. Gruner, V. Klemm, H. Ehrenberg, D. Rafaja: Phase and microstructure development in the conversion type electrodes for Li-Ion batteries based on the Cu-Fe-O system, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 160 (2013) Nr. 9, S. A1594-A1603 URL

M. Lepple, R. Adam, D.M. Cupid, P. Franke, T. Bergfeldt, D. Wadewitz, D. Rafaja, H.J. Seifert: Thermodynamic investigations of copper oxides used as conversion type electrodes in lithium ion batteries, Journal of Materials Science 48 (2013) Nr. 17, S. 5818-5826 URL

D. Wadewitz, W. Gruner, M. Herklotz, M. Klose, L. Giebeler, A. Voss, J. Thomas, T. Gemming, J. Eckert, H. Ehrenberg: Investigation of copper-cobalt-oxides as model systems for composite interactions in conversion-type electrodes for Lithium-Ion batteries, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 160 (2013) Nr. 8, S. A1333-A1339 URL


W. Gruner, J. Thomas, L. Giebeler, H. Ehrenberg, D. Wadewitz: Interactions of copper and iron in conversion reactions of nanosized oxides with large variations in iron-copper ratio, Journal of the Electrochemical Society 158 (2011) Nr. 12, S. A1383-A1392 URL

Invited talks


M. Herklotz, F. Scheiba, N.K. Yavuz, D. Wadewitz, M. Hinterstein, A.-C. Dippel, J. Eckert, H. Ehrenberg: In operando / In situ studies on battery materials - capabilities of the beamline P02.1 and recent results, Workshop: Structural and in situ material science at Beamline P02.1 et PETRA III, DESY Hamburg, 12.-13.9.13 (2013)