Frederik Klein

Department:IFF - Chemical Vapor Desposition
Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-501

Journal papers:3

Journal papers


F. Klein, U. Treske, A. Koitzsch, D.R. Cavicchia, C. Thoenissen, R Froemter, T. Roch, T. Muehl: Nanoscale scanning electron microscopy based graphitization in tetrahedral amorphous carbon thin films, Carbon 107 (2016), S. 536-541 URL


P. Philipp, L. Bischoff, U. Treske, B. Schmidt, J. Fiedler, R. Huebner, F. Klein, A. Koitzsch, T. Muehl: The origin of conductivity in ion-irradiated diamond-like carbon - Phase transformation and atomic ordering, Carbon 80 (2014), S. 677-690 URL

T. Roch, F. Klein, K. Guenther, A. Roch, T. Muehl, A. Lasagni: Laser interference induced nano-crystallized surface swellings of amorphous carbon for advanced micro tribology, Materials Research Express 1 (2014), S. 35042/1-14 URL