Tony Jaumann

Department:IKM - Chemistry of Functional Materials
Position:PhD Student
Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-307

Research topic

My research deals with silicon nanostructures as alternative negative electrode in state-of-the-art Li – ion and future Li – S batteries. In particular, the development of economical synthesis strategies and the investigation of structural changes in silicon electrodes after cycling in different cell set-ups are of interest. Typical characterization methods in my work involve electrochemical analysis, X-Ray diffraction, electron microscopy (SEM / TEM) and X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy.

The project is part of the WING-Zentrum: Batterie - Mobil in Sachsen (BamoSa) and finanicially supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.

Journal papers


J. Balach, T. Jaumann, S. Muehlenhoff, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Enhanced polysulphide redox reaction using a RuO2 nanoparticle-decorated mesoporous carbon as functional separator coating for advanced lithium-sulphur batteries, Chemical Communications (2016) Nr. 52, S. 8134-8137 URL

J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Improved cycling stability of lithiumesulfur batteries using a polypropylene-supported nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon hybrid separator as polysulfide adsorbent, Journal of Power Sources 303 (2016), S. 317-324 URL

T. Jaumann, J. Balach, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Role of 1,3-Dioxolane and LiNO3 Addition on the Long Term Stability of Nanostructured Silicon/Carbon Anodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, Journal of The Electrochemical Society 163 (2016) Nr. 3, S. A557-A564 URL

M. Klose, R. Reinhold, K. Pinkert, M. Uhlemann, F. Wolke, J. Balach, T. Jaumann, U. Stoeck, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Hierarchically nanostructured hollow carbon nanospheres for ultrafast and long-life energy storage, Carbon 106 (2016), S. 306-313 URL

A. Krause, S. Doerfler, M. Piwko, F.M. Wisser, T. Jaumann, E. Ahrens, L. Giebeler, H. Althues, S. Schaedlich, J. Grothe, A. Jeffery, M. Grube, J. Brueckner, J. Martin, J. Eckert, S. Kaskel, T. Mikolajick, W.M. Weber: High Area Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Full-cell Battery with Prelitiathed Silicon Nanowire-Carbon Anodes for Long Cycling Stability, Scientific Reports 6 (2016), S. 27982/1-12 URL

M. Madian, M. Klose, T. Jaumann, A. Gebert, S. Oswald, N. Ismail, A. Eychmueller, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Anodically fabricated TiO2-SnO2 nanotubes and their application in lithium ion batteries, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (2016) Nr. 15, S. 5542-5552 URL


J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Mesoporous Carbon Interlayers with Tailored Pore Volume as Polysulfide Reservoir for High-Energy Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (2015) Nr. 9, S. 4580-4587 URL

J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Functional Mesoporous Carbon-Coated Separator for Long-Life, High-Energy Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Advanced Functional Materials 25 (2015) Nr. 33, S. 5285-5291 URL

T. Jaumann,  M. Herklotz,  M. Klose,  K. Pinkert,  S. Oswald,  J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Tailoring hollow Silicon-Carbon nanocomposites as high-performance anodes in secondary Lithium-based batteries through economical chemistry, Chemistry of Materials 27 (2015), S. 37-43 URL

T. Jaumann, J. Balach, M. Klose, S. Oswald, U. Langklotz, A. Michaelis, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: SEI-component formation on sub 5 nm sized silicon nanoparticles in Li-ion batteries: the role of electrode preparation, FEC addition and binders, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (2015) Nr. 38, S. 24956-24967 URL

M. Madian, L. Giebeler, M. Klose, T. Jaumann, M. Uhlemann, A. Gebert, S. Oswald, N. Ismail, A. Eychmueller, J. Eckert: Self-Organized TiO2/CoO Nanotubes as Potential Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries, ACS Sustainable Chemisty & Engineering 3 (2015) Nr. 5, S. 909-919 URL


M. Klose, K. Pinkert, M. Zier, M. Uhlemann, F. Wolke, T. Jaumann, P. Jehnichen, D. Wadewitz, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: Hollow carbon nano-onions with hierarchical porosity derived from commercial metal organic framework, Carbon 79 (2014), S. 302-309 URL


T. Jaumann, E.M.M. Ibrahim, S. Hampel, D. Maier, A. Leonhardt, B. Buechner: The synthesis of superparamagnetic cobalt nanoparticles encapsulated in carbon through high-pressure CVD, Chemical Vapor Deposition 19 (2013), S. 228-234 URL

Invited talks


T. Jaumann: Si/C nanocomposites through economical chemistry as advanced anode in Li -ion and Li -S batteries, Freiberger Siliziumtage 2015, Freiberg/ Germany, 19.6.15 (2015)