Profesor Oliver G. Schmidt


Prof. Dr. Oliver G. Schmidt
IFW Dresden
Postfach 27 01 16
D-01171 Dresden  


Kristina Krummer
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Phone:+49 351 4659 810
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Room: BEG.19
Telephone: 752
Responsible: Dr. Fei Ding
Substitute: Bianca Höfer

Micro-Photoluminescence Setup I
Micro-Photoluminescence Setup I

Micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy is a powerful tool for investigating the optical and electronic properties of single nanostructures. The lab is equipped with a frequency doubled continuous wave Nd:YVO4 laser (10 W power), a microscope, a variable temperature cryostat with optical access on motorized stages, a spectrometer with 500 mm focal length equipped with Si-CCD and InGaAs array detectors. It is used for studies in the visible-to-near-infrared (up to 1600 nm) spectral range and for laser microprocessing.

Room: BEG.20
Telephone: 305
Responsible: Dr. Fei Ding
Substitute: Dr. Jiaxiang Zhang

Micro-Photoluminescence Setup II
Micro-Photoluminescence Setup II

In addition to steady-state measurements (which can be performed in Micro-PL Setup I), this setup is used for high-resolution, time-resolved and photon-correlation spectroscopy studies. A mode-locked tunable laser is available in this lab together with a double spectrometer and single-photon avalanche photodiodes.

Micro-Photoluminescence Setup III
Micro-Photoluminescence Setup III

This micro-photoluminescence setup equipped with high magnetic field source. The system is  currently being set up for measuring nanostructures.