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Dr. Ivan Kaban

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Structure and properties of metallic liquids and glasses

Interfacial phenomena and wetting behaviour of liquid metals

Interfacial phenomena (wetting, adhesion, adsorption, interfacial reactions) play an important role in various areas of materials engineering such as for example casting of metallic alloys, production multiphase composites, joining of metallic and ceramic components.

We investigate surface and interfacial energies, wetting at surfaces and interfaces, density and density difference of coexisting liquid phases in monotectic metallic alloys by experimental tensiometric measurements and thermodynamic modelling.

Wetting behaviour, surface adsorption and interfacial reactions of liquid metals on metallic and ceramic substrates are investigated by sessile drop experimental technique and thermodynamic calculations.

ZrO2/AlIn interface (L. Xi, unpublished)

TiB2 ceramic plate at the two-phase interface in Al-Bi (a) and Al-Pb (b) alloys  


I. Kaban, M. Köhler, L. Ratke, et al., Acta Mater 59 (2011) 6880