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Michael Kühnel
Patrick Pahlke
Max Sieger

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Development of Coated Conductor Architectures

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is applied to prepare different oxide buffers as well as superconducting YBCO layers on highly textured RABiTS tapes. Typically, a buffer architecture consisting of 100 nm Y2O3, 200 nm YSZ and 50 nm CeO2 is used on metallic substrates showing good epitaxial growth and smooth interfaces (Fig. 1). This buffer architecture has been successfully applied on highly alloyed Ni-W tapes as well as on strengthened Ni-based composite substrates. A superconducting transition temperature Tc of about 90 K with a small transition width is observed for the prepared YBCO layers on the different metal substrates. A critical current density Jc of 1 MA/cm² and above was measured at 77 K in self-field indicating the high quality of the substrates (Fig.2 + 3). Additionally, the growth of alternative buffer layer architectures based on La2Zr2O7 or Gd2Zr2O7 was studied in cooperation with the University of Shanghai.

Fig. 1: cross section of the buffer architecture
Fig. 2: Jc(B) dependence of YBCO layers on
different composite RABiTS tapes

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