Functional Magnetic Materials and Hydrides

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Current Group Members

Name ExtensionEmail
Woodcock, Dr. Thomas G. 221t.woodcock(at)
Berger, Katja 416K.Berger(at)
Bittner, Florian 337f.bittner(at)
Chirkova, Alisa 561a.chirkova(at)
Gebel, Bernhard  406B.Gebel(at)
Herrich, Monika 406M.Herrich(at)
Mix, Torsten 337t.mix(at)
Müller, Dr. Karl-Hartmut 527K.H.Mueller(at)
Pittruff, Kerstin 406K.Pittruff(at)
Dr. Thielsch, Juliane 667J.Thielsch(at)

Visiting Scientists

Dr. Aleksey Volegov (Ekaterinburg)