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To be published in Optics Letters (2017)
Optics letter (2015)
Optics Letter (2014)
Nanoscale (2016)
Applied Physics Letters (2016)
Advanced Optical Materials (2015)




My Research Topics
  1. 3D photonic integration
  2. Vertical optical ring resonators fully integrated with nanophotonic waveguides
  3. nanomembranes and nanophotonic waveguides
  4. Rolled-up thin- (ultra-) thin film 3D optical microtube ring resonators.
  5. Fully integration of colloidal quantum dots with rolled-up microcavities and photoluminescence spectroscopy (µPL) from visible to near visible ranges
  6. Infrared transmission spectroscopy of  passive rolled-up microcavities using tapered optical fiber
  7. Clean room lithography and thin film deposition


List of publications and Scientific Meeting

  • [1] A. Madani, L. Ma, Sh. Miao, M. R Jorgensen, O. G Schmidt, Luminescent nanoparticles embedded in TiO 2 microtube cavities for the activation of whispering-gallery-modes extending from the visible to the near-infrared, Nanoscale (2016).
  • [2] A. Madani, VA Bolaños Quiñones, LB Ma, SD Miao, MR Jorgensen, OG Schmidt, Overlapping double potential wells in a single optical microtube cavity with vernier-scale-like tuning effect, Applied Physics Letters (2016).
  • [3] A. Madani, M. Kleinert, D. Stolarek, L. Zimmermann, L. Ma, O. G Schmidt, ''Vertical optical ring resonators fully integrated with nanophotonic waveguides on silicon-on-insulator substrates'' Optics letters (2015) (Top Downloads in August and IIN Highlight).
  • [4] Sh. Miao, D. Chen, A. Madani, M. R Jorgensen, V. A Bolaños Quiñones, L. Ma, S. G Hickey, A. Eychmüller, Oliver G Schmidt, ''Optofluidic Sensor: Evaporation Kinetics Detection of Solvents Dissolved with Cd3P2 Colloidal Quantum Dots in a Rolled‐Up Microtube'' Advanced Optical Materials (2015).
  • [5] A. Madani, S. Böttner, M. R Jorgensen, O. G Schmidt, ''Rolled-Up TiO2 Optical Microcavities for Telecom and Visible Photonics'', Optics  Letters (2014).  
  • [6] S. Giudicatti, S. M Marz, Lluís Soler,A. Madani, M. R Jorgensen, S. Sanchez, O. G Schmidt,''Photoactive rolled-up TiO 2 microtubes: fabrication, <g class="gr_ gr_47 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Punctuation only-ins replaceWithoutSep" id="47" data-gr-id="47">characterization</g> and applications''Journal of Materials Chemistry C (2014).
  • [7] A. Madani, S. Böttner, M. R. Jorgensen, O. G. Schmidt, ''Vertically Rolled-Up High-Quality TiO2 Optical Microcavities and Integration with Optical Waveguides'', DPG conference Berlin (2014).
  • [8] A. Karimzadehsharifabadi, A. Madani, M. Raoufi, ''The Influence of Cu+ 2 Concentration on the Magnetic Properties and Microstructure of Pulse Electrodeposited Co x Cu1− x Nanowire Arrays''Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology (2015).
  • [9] A. Madani, J. Beeckman, K. Neyts, '' An experimental observation a spatial optical soliton beam and self-splitting of a beam into two soliton beams in chiral nematic liquid crystal” Optics Communications (2013).
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  • [11] A. Madani, H. <g class="gr_ gr_220 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" id="220" data-gr-id="220">Azarinia</g>, H.amid Latifi,''Design and fabrication of a polymer microring resonator with a novel optical material at add/drop geometry using <g class="gr_ gr_285 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" id="285" data-gr-id="285">laser</g> beam direct write lithography technique'', Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics (2013).
  • [12] J. Beeckman, A. Madani, P. JM Vanbrabant, P. Henneaux, S. Gorza, M. Haelterman, ''Switching and intrinsic position bistability of soliton beams in chiral nematic liquid crystals'', Physical Review A (2011).
  • [13] J. Beeckman, K. Neyts, A. Madani, M. Haelterman, P.Henneaux, P. JM. Vanbrabant, ''Propagation of nematicons in unbiased configurations: spiraling solitons'', SPIE Photonic Devices+ Applications (2010).
  • [14] J. Beeckman, K. Neyts, W. D. Cort, A. Madani,''<g class="gr_ gr_535 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling" id="535" data-gr-id="535">Non-linear</g> light propagation and bistability in nematic liquid crystals'', SPIE Photonic Devices+ Applications (2009).
  • [15] M. Riahi, H. Latifi, A. Madani, A. Moazzenzadeh,''Design and fabrication of a spatial light modulator using thermally tunable grating and a thin-film heater'', Applied optics (2009).






 My research interests

  1. 3D Integrated optics for visible and near IR photonics
  2. 2D and 3D optical microcavities
  3. Nonlinear optics
  4. Rolled-up nanotechnology 
  5. Quantum optics




Real time video from ''Rolling up the 2D differentially-strained TiO2 nano-membranes into 3D microtube structures as a 3D optical resonator''