Department: IFF - Magnetic Oxides and Intermetallics
Group: Materials Preparation and Crystal Growth
Address: IFW Dresden
20 01069 Dresden
Telephone (office): +49-351-4659-641
Telephone (mobile): +49-15237267050
E-mail: a.omar(@t)


Research Topics

Heusler compounds, Spintronics, crystal growth, Floating zone technique, Phase dynamics



A. Omar. M. Dimitrakopoulou, C. G. F. Blum, H. Wendrock, S. Rodan, S. Hampel, W. Löser, B. Büchner, S. Wurmehl, Phase dynamics and growth of Co2Cr1-xFexAl Heusler compounds: A key to understand their anomalous physical properties, Crystal Growth & Design, 13 (2013), 3925-3934