PD Dr. Andy Thomas

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-746


Andy Thomas studied physics at Bielefeld University. After a two year fellowship at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology he returned to Bielefeld to work as a senior researcher. In October 2009, he received an independent researcher grant from the NRW state government and he worked as a visiting professor at Mainz, Osnabrück and Hamburg universities. Since July 2015 he leads the Quantum Materials and Devices Group at the Institute of Metallic Materials.


Z. Jin, A. Tkach, F. Casper, V. Spetter, H. Grimm, A. Thomas, T. Kampfrath, M. Bonn, M. Kläui & D. Turchinovich: Accessing the fundamentals of magnetotransport in metals with terahertz probes, Nature Phys. 11 (2015) 761

A. Thomas A, S. Niehörster, S. Fabretti, N.Shepheard, O. Kuschel, K. Küpper, J. Wollschläger, P. Krzysteczko and E. Chicca: Tunnel junction based memristors as artificial synapses, Front. Neurosci. 9 (2015) 241 

Andy Thomas receives the physics prize 2014 of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities „für seine Arbeiten, in denen er die memristiven Eigenschaften von Tunnelkontakten nutzt, um künstliche neuronale Strukturen zu schaffen.“