Daniil Karnaushenko

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-766

Research interests

  • Flexible electronics
  • Printable sensorics
  • Detection of magnetically functionalized objects in fluidics
  • Magnetic rolled-up architectures and impedance sensorics 



Projects involved

ERC Starting Grant "SMaRT" - Shapeable Magnetoelectronics in Research and Technology


- German Physical Society (DPG)

Journal papers:21
Invited talks:8

Journal papers


Y. Chen, Y. Zhang, D. Karnaushenko, L. Chen, J. Hao, F. Ding, O.G. Schmidt: Addressable and Color-Tunable Piezophotonic Light-Emitting Stripes, Advanced Materials 29 (2017) Nr. 19, S. 1605165/1-8 URL


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D. Karnaushenko, D.D. Karnaushenko, D. Makarov, S. Baunack, R. Schaefer, O.G. Schmidt: Self-Assembled On-Chip-Integrated Giant Magneto-Impedance Sensorics, Advanced Materials 27 (2015) Nr. 42, S. 6582-6589 URL

D. Karnaushenko, B. Ibarlucea, S. Lee, G. Lin, L. Baraban, S. Pregl, M. Melzer, D. Makarov, W.M. Weber, T. Mikolajick, O.G. Schmidt, G. Cuniberti: Light Weight and Flexible High-Performance Diagnostic Platform, Advanced Healthcare Materials 4 (2015) Nr. 10, S. 1517-1525 URL

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Invited talks


D. Karnaushenko: Shapeable microelectronics, Lecture, Novosibirsk State Technical University, Novosibirsk/ Russian Federation, 13.9.16 (2016)


D. Karnaushenko: Shapeable electronics, Special Seminar, Osaka University, Osaka/ Japan, 25.11.15 (2015)

D. Karnaushenko: Compact biomimetic microelectronics, Special seminar, Center for Engineering Innovation, The University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas/ USA, 14.4.15 (2015)

D. Karnaushenko: Artrendering science (3D special effects), Special Seminar, Institute for Materials Science, TU Dresden, Dresden/ Germany, 10.9.15 (2015)


D. Karnaushenko: Printable magnetic sensors, 41st International IARIGAI Conference Swansea/ United Kingdom, 7.-10.9.14 (2014)


D. Karnaushenko: Printable magnetoelectronics, International Conference "5th Printing Future Days 2013", Chemnitz/ Germany, 10.-12.9.13 (2013)

D. Karnaushenko: Printable magnetoelectronics, Dresden School on Functional Nanomaterials, Dresden/ Germany, 1.-3.10.13 (2013)

D. Karnaushenko: Printable magnetoelectronics, Colloquium of the Institute for Print and Media Technology, Chemnitz/ Germany, 19.11.13 (2013)