Dr. Carmine Ortix

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-352

Scientific Interests

  • Topological states of matter
  • Graphene
  • Curved nanoarchitectures
  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Spontaneous symmetry breaking

European Projects

FP7-FET-OPEN project: Curved nanomembranes for topological quantum computation (Project Coordinator)

FP7-NMP-2011-EU-Japan project: SuperIron

Conference Organization

Organizer of the International Workshop "Top-Spin 2: Spin and Topological phenomena in Nanostructures".

Organizer of the International Workshop "Top-Spin: Spin and Topological phenomena in Nanostructures".

Organizer of the 526 Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar "Functional Magnetic Nanomembranes".

Guest editor of the Special Issue on Functional Magnetic Nanomembranes - SPIN 3, 3 (2013).







  • P. Gentile, M. Cuoco, C. Ortix: Curvature-induced Rashba spin-orbit interaction in strain-driven nanostructures, SPIN 3, 1340002 (2013).
  • D. Makarov, C. Ortix, L. Baraban: Guest Editorial - Functional Magnetic Nanomembranes, SPIN 3, 1302001 (2013).
  • L. Cano-Cortes, C. Ortix, J, van den Brink: Fundamental differences between Quantum Spin Hall edge-states at zig-zag and armchair terminations of honeycomb and ruby nets, Physical Review Letters 111, 146801 (2013).
  • B. Rasche, A. Isaeva, M. Ruck, S. Borisenko, V. Zabolotnyy, B. Büchner, K. Koepernik, C. Ortix, M. Richter, J. van den Brink: Stacked topological insulator built from bismuth-based graphene-sheet analog, Nature Materials 12, 422 (2013).
  • F. Kirtschig, J. Rijnbeek, J. van den Brink, C. Ortix: Quantum collapses and revivals of matter wave in dynamics of symmetry breakingPhysical Review B 87, 014304 (2013).


  • R. Trotta, E. Zallo, C. Ortix, P. Atkinson, J. D. Plumhof, J. van den Brink, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt: Universal Recovery of the Energy-Level Degeneracy of Bright Excitons in InGaAs Quantum Dots without a Structure Symmetry, Physical Review Letters 109, 147401 (2012).
  • G. Giovannetti, S. Kumar, C. Ortix, M. Capone, J. van den Brink: Microscopic Origin of Large Negative Magnetoelectric Coupling in Sr1/2Ba1/2MnO3Physical Review Letters 109, 107601 (2012)
  • C. Ortix, L. Yang, J. van den Brink: Graphene on incommensurate substrates: Trigonal warping and emerging Dirac cone replicas with halved group velocity, Physical Review B Rap. Comm. 86, 081405(R) (2012).




  • C. Ortix, J. Lorenzana, C. di Castro: Universality classes for Coulomb frustrated phase separation, Physica B 404, 499 (2009).




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