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Name Dmitrieva, Dr. Evgenia
Department Nanoscale Chemistry / Center of Spectroelectrochemistry
Address IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Phone Number +49-351-4659-658
Email e.dmitrieva(at)ifw-dresden.de

Research interests

  • Electrochemistry, spectroscopy and in situ spectroelectrochemistry (ESR, UV-vis-NIR, IR, Raman) of organic semiconductors (small organic molecules, metal-organic compounds, electroactive polymers)
  • Elucidation of the electrochemical reaction mechanism, determination and characterization of charge carriers formed
  • Electrochemical synthesis of conducting and redox polymers, study of doping processes
  • Spectroscopic determination of reactive oxygen species in solution (singlet oxygen, hydroxyl radical, superoxide radical anion, peroxide)

Short CV

2008-present: scientist at the IFW Dresden

2003-2008: scientist at "GEN3 Partners Inc." (USA/Russia)

2003-2006: PhD in Chemistry at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia

1998-2003: student at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia


Journal Papers

Y. Fu, K. Zhang, E. Dmitrieva, F. Liu, J. Ma, J.J. Weigand, A.A. Popov, R. Berger, W. Pisula, J. Liu, X. Feng:
NBN-embedded Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Containing Pentagonal and Heptagonal Rings, Organic Letters (2019), S. 1-5 URL

S.N. Intorp, S. Kushida, E. Dmitrieva, A.A. Popov, F. Rominger, J. Freudenberg, F. Hinkel, U.H.F. Bunz:
True Blue Through Oxidation - A Thiaazulenic Heterophenoquinone as Electrochrome, Chemistry - A European Journal 25 (2019), S. 1-5 URL

E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, Y. Alesanco, A. Vinuales:
The reduction mechanism of p-cyanophenylviologen in PVA-borax gel polyelectrolyte-based bicolor electrochromic devices, Electrochimica Acta 292 (2018), S. 81-87 URL

E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, J.S. Danilova, E.A. Smirnova, M.P. Karushev, I.A. Chepurnaya, A.M. Timonov:
Radical formation in polymeric nickel complexes with N2O2 Schiff base ligands: An in situ ESR and UV-vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical study, Electrochimica Acta 283 (2018), S. 1742-1752 URL

M. Richter, S. Hahn, E. Dmitrieva, F. Rominger, A. Popov, U.H.F. Bunz, X. Feng, R. Berger:
Helical Ullazine-Quinoxaline-Based Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Chemistry - A European Journal 24 (2018), S. 1-9 URL

L. Schnaubelt, H. Petzold, E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, H. Lang:
A solvent- and temperature-dependent intramolecular equilibrium of diamagnetic and paramagnetic states in Co complexes bearing triaryl amines, Dalton Transactions 47 (2018), S. 1-10 URL

Z. Moravkova, E. Dmitrieva:
Structural changes in polyaniline near the middle oxidation peak studied by in situ Raman spectroelectrochemistry, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 48 (2017) Nr. 9, S. 1229-1234 URL

L. Schnaubelt, H. Petzold, J.M. Speck, E. Dmitrieva, M. Rosenkranz, M. Korb:
Redox properties and electron transfer in a triarylamine-substituted HS-Co2+/LS-Co3+ redox couple, Dalton Transactions 46 (2017) Nr. 8, S. 2690-2698 URL

B. Gadgil, P. Damlin, E. Dmitrieva, T. Aeaeritalo, C. Kvarnstroem:
Exploring amide linkage in a polyviologen derivative towards simultaneous voltammetric determination of Pb(II), Cu(II) and Hg(II) ions, Electrochimica Acta 192 (2016), S. 482-488 URL

A. Benke, E. Mehner, M. Rosenkranz, E. Dmitrieva, T. Leisegang, H. Stoecker, W. Pompe, D.C. Meyer:
Pyroelectrically Driven OH Generation by Barium Titanate and Palladium Nanoparticles, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 119 (2015) Nr. 12, S. 18278-18286 URL

B. Gadgil, E. Dmitrieva, P. Damlin, T. Aeritalo, C. Kvarnstroem:
Redox reactions in a linear polyviologen derivative studied by in situ ESR/UV-vis-NIR spectroelectrochemistry, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 19 (2015) Nr. 1, S. 77-83 URL

B. Gadgil, P. Damlin, E. Dmitrieva, T. Aeaeritalo, C. Kvarnstroem:
ESR/UV-Vis-NIR spectroelectrochemical study and electrochromic contrast enhancement of a polythiophene derivative bearing a pendant viologen, RSC Advances 5 (2015) Nr. 53, S. 42242-42249 URL

V. Lukes, P. Rapta, L. Goetzke, A. Packalen, E. Dmitrieva, J.K. Clegg, K. Gloe, K. Gloe, J.J. Weigand:
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K. Schwedtmann, S. Schulz, F. Hennersdorf, T. Strassner, E. Dmitrieva, J.J. Weigand:
Synthesis and EPR/UV/Vis-NIR Spectroelectrochemical Investigation of a Persistent Phosphanyl Radical Dication, Angewandte Chemie 127 (2015) Nr. 38, S. 11206-11210 URL

L. Simkova, E. Dmitrieva, J. Klima, L. Dunsch, J. Ludvik:
(Spectro) Electrochemical investigation of reduction mechanism of a new energetic molecule 2,2-dinitroethene-1,1-diamine (FOX-7) in aprotic solvents, Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 19 (2015), S. 103-112 URL

A. Kellenberger, E. Dmitrieva, L. Dunsch:
Structure dependence of charged states in "Linear" polyaniline as studied by in situ ATR-FTIR spectroelectrochemistry, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (2012), S. 4377-4385 URL

E. Dmitrieva, L. Dunsch:
How linear is "linear" polyaniline?, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (2011), S. 6401-6411 URL

A. Kellenberger, E. Dmitrieva, L. Dunsch:
The stabilization of charged states at phenazine-like units in polyaniline under p-doping: an in situ ATR-FTIR spectroelectrochemical study, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 13 (2011) Nr. 8, S. 3411-3420 URL

I.R. Moraes, M. Kalbc, E. Dmitrieva, L. Dunsch:
Charging of self-doped poly (Anilineboronic Acid) films studied by in Situ ESR/UV/Vis/NIR spectroelectrochemistry and ex Situ FTIR spectroscopy, ChemPhysChem 12 (2011), S. 2920-2924 URL

E. Dmitrieva, Y. Harima, L. Dunsch:
Influence of phenazine structure on polaron formation in polyaniline: In situ electron spin resonance-ultraviolet/visible-near-infrared spectroelectrochemical study, Journal of Chemical Physics B 113 (2009), S. 16131-16141 URL

Contributions to collected editions/proceedings

P. Rapta, E. Dmitrieva, A.A. Popov, L. Dunsch:
Chapter 3. In Situ Spectroelectrochemistry of Organic Compounds, in: Organic Electrochemistry, 169-190 (2015)