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Name Orava, Dr. Jiri
Department 3001
Address IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Phone Number +49-351-4659-644
Email j.orava(at)ifw-dresden.de

Key Research Activities

  • Physical-chemical properties of metallic glasses
  • Structure of non-crystalline solids and liquids
  • Synthesis and physical-chemical properties of chalcogenide glasses
  • Chalcogenide phase-change materials for non-volatile computer memory
  • Crystallization and stability of glass-forming liquids
  • Glasses and glass-ceramics for optics and photonics

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ResearcherID ( D-1093-2011 )


Research Highlights


Scalable In-Fiber Manufacture of Functional Composite Particles was published in ACS Nano.


Correlating Ultrafast Calorimetry, Viscosity, and Structural Measurements in Liquid GeTe and Ge15Te85 was published in Physical Review Materials.



Photoluminescence in Pulsed-Laser Deposited GeGaSbS:Er Films was published in Optical Materials.



Latest Publications @IFW

Journal Papers

M. Du, S. Ye, J. Tang, S. Lv, J. Chen, J. Orava, G. Tao, P. Lan, J. Hao, Z. Yang, J. Qiu, S. Zhou:
Scalable in-fiber manufacture of functional composite particles, ACS Nano 12 (2018) Nr. 11, S. 11130-11138 URL

Z. Gao, S. Guo, X. Lu, J. Orava, T. Wagner, L. Zheng, Y. Liu, S. Sun, F. He, P. Yang, J. Ren, J. Yang:
Controlling Selective Doping and Energy Transfer between Transition Metal and Rare Earth Ions in Nanostructured Glassy Solids, Advanced Optical Materials 6 (2018) Nr. 13, S. 1701407/ URL

L. Strizik, S.N. Yannopoulus, V. Benekou, J. Oswald, M. Pavlista, V. Prokop, T. Wagner, J. Orava:
Photoluminescence in pulsed-laser deposited GeGaSbS:Er films, Optical Materials 85 (2018), S. 246-253 URL

H. Weber, J. Orava, I. Kaban, J. Pries, A.L. Greer:
Correlating ultrafast calorimetry, viscosity and structural measurements in liquid GeTe and Ge15Te85, Physical Review Materials 2 (2018) Nr. 9, S. 93405/1-6 URL

J. Orava, H. Weber, I. Kaban, A.L. Greer:
Viscosity of liquid Ag-In-Sb-Te: Evidence of a fragile-to-strong crossover, Journal of Chemical Physics 144 (2016) Nr. 19, S. 194503/1-6 URL