Dr. Juan Balach

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-notset

Research topic

My research interests mainly focus on the rational design of advanced carbon-based materials for electrochemical energy storage applications, such as supercapacitors and batteries.



Journal articles: 21

Book chapters: 3


Journal articles


T. Jaumann, J. Balach, U. Langklotz, V. Sauchuk, M. Fritsch, A. Michaelis, V. Teltevskij, D. Mikhailova, S. Oswald, M. Klose, G. Stephani, R. Hauser, J. Eckerta, L. Giebeler. Lifetime vs rate capability: understanding the role of FEC and VC in high-energy Li-ion batteries with nano-silicon anodes, Energy Storage Materials, 6, 26–35. URL


J. Balach, T. Jaumann, S. Mühlenhoff, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Enhanced polysulphide redox reaction using a RuO2 nanoparticle-decorated mesoporous carbon as functional separator coating for advanced lithium–sulphur batteries, Chemical Communications, 52, 8134-8137. URL

J. Balach, H. K. Singh, S. Gomoll, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, M. Richter, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Synergistically Enhanced Polysulfide Chemisorption Using a Flexible Hybrid Separator with N and S Dual-Doped Mesoporous Carbon Coating for Advanced Lithium–Sulfur Batteries, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8 (23), 14586–14595. URL

M. Klose, R. Reinhold, K. Pinkert, M. Uhlemann, F. Wolke, J. Balach, T. Jaumann, U. Stoeck, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Hierarchically nanostructured hollow carbon nanospheres for ultra-fast and long-life energy storage, Carbon, 106, 306-313. URL

U. Stoeck, J. Balach, M. Klose, D. Wadewitz, E. Ahrens, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Reconfiguration of Lithium Sulphur Batteries: Enhancement of Li-S cell Performance by Employing a Highly Porous Conductive Separator Coating, Journal of Power Sources, 309, 76-81. URL

T. Jaumann, J. Balach, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Role of 1,3-Dioxolane and LiNO3 Addition on the Long Term Stability of Nanostructured Silicon/Carbon Anodes for Rechargeable Lithium Batteries, Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 163, A557-A564. URL

C.-Y. Yin, M.-F. Ng, B.-M. Goh, M. Saunders, N. Hill, Z.-T. Jiang, J. Balach, M. El-Harbawi. Probing the interactions of phenol with oxygenated functional groups on curved fullerene-like sheets in activated carbon, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18 (5), 3700-3705. URL

J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Improved cycling stability of lithium–sulfur batteries using a polypropylene-supported nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon hybrid separator as polysulfide adsorbent, Journal of Power Sources, 303, 317-324. URL


T. Jaumann, J. Balach, M. Klose, S. Oswald, U. Langklotz, A. Michaelis, J. Eckert and L. Giebeler. SEI-Component Formation on Sub 5 nm Sized Silicon Nanoparticles in Li–ion Battery: Role of Electrode Preparation, FEC Addition and Binder, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17, 24956-24967. URL

L.H. Tamborini, M.P. Militello, J. Balach, J.M. Moyano, C.A. Barbero, D.F. Acevedo. Application of Sulfonated Nanoporous Carbons as Acid Catalysts for Fischer Esterification Reactions, Arabian Journal of Chemistry. DOI:10.1016/j.arabjc.2015.08.018. URL

J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Functional Mesoporous Carbon-Coated Separator for Long-Life, High-Energy Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, Advanced Functional Materials, 25 (33), 5285–52911. URL

M. Molina, M. Asadian-Birjand, J. Balach, J. Bergueiro, E. Miceli, M. Calderon. Stimuli-Responsive Nanogel Composites and their Application in Nanomedicine, Chemical Society Reviews, 44, 6161-6186. URL

J. Balach, T. Jaumann, M. Klose, S. Oswald, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler. Mesoporous Carbon Interlayers with Tailored Pore Volume as Polysulfide Reservoir for High-Energy Lithium–Sulfur Batteries, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 119 (9), 4580-4587. URL


J. Balach, H. Wu, F. Polzer, H. Kirmse, Q. Zhao, Z. Wei, J. Yuan: Poly (ionic liquid)-derived nitrogen-doped hollow carbon spheres: synthesis and loading with Fe2O3 for high-performance lithium ion batteries, RSC Advances 3 (21), 7979-7986. URL

J. Balach, F. Soldera, D.F. Acevedo, F. Mücklich, C.A. Barbero, A Direct and Quantitative Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of the Internal Structure of Disordered Mesoporous Carbon with Tailored Pore Size, Microscopy and Microanalysis 19 (03), 745-750. URL

J. Balach, N.G. Cotella, M.M. Bruno, H.R. Corti, M.C. Miras, C. A Barbero, L. Tamborini, F. Soldera, D. F. Acevedo, F. Mücklich: Study and Characterization of Nanostructured Porous Vitreous Carbon, Revista Iberoamericana de Ingeniería Mecánica 17 (1), 17-25. URL


J. Balach, L. Tamborini, K. Sapag, D.F. Acevedo, C.A. Barbero: Facile preparation of hierarchical porous carbons with tailored pore size obtained using a cationic polyelectrolyte as a soft template, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 415 (0), 343-348. URL

J. Balach, F. Miguel, F. Soldera, D.F. Acevedo, F. Mücklich, C.A. Barbero: A direct and quantitative image of the internal nanostructure of nonordered porous monolithic carbon using FIB nanotomography, Journal of microscopy 246 (3), 274-278. URL

J. Balach, M.M. Bruno, N.G. Cotella, D.F. Acevedo, C.A. Barbero: Electrostatic self-assembly of hierarchical porous carbon microparticles, Journal of Power Sources 199, 386-394. URL


M.M. Bruno, H.R. Corti, J. Balach, N.G. Cotella, C.A. Barbero: Hierarchical porous materials: capillaries in nanoporous carbon, Functional Materials Letters 2 (03), 135-138. URL


D.F. Acevedo, J. Balach, C.R. Rivarola, M.C. Miras, C.A. Barbero: Functionalised conjugated materials as building blocks of electronic nanostructures, Faraday Discussions 131, 235-252. URL


Book chapters

C. A. Barbero, J. Balach, M. M. Bruno, G. A. Planes, M. C. Miras: Synthesis of Mesoporous Carbon by Stabilization of the Nanoparticles Forming the Resorcinol/Formaldehyde Gels, in Comprehensive Guide for Mesoporous Materials, Volume 1: Synthesis and Characterization. 02/2015. Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-63463-990-3.

C. A. Barbero, R. C. Rodriguez, R. Rivero, M. V. Martinez, M. A. Molina, J. Balach, M. M. Bruno, G. A. Planes, D. F. Acevedo, C. R. Rivarola, M. C. Miras: Hierarchical Carbon and Hydrogels for Sensing, Remediation in Drinking Water, and Aquaculture Drug Delivery, in Aquananotechnology: Global Prospects, 1st edited by David E. Reisner, T. Pradeep, 09/2014: chapter 2: pages 15–54; CRC Press., ISBN: 978-1-4665-1224-5.

J. Balach: Desarrollo de Estructuras con Ordenamientos Jerárquicos: Autoensamblado de Nano y Micromateriales. 01/2012. Editorial Academia Espanola (EAE). ISBN: 978-38473611.




Best poster award, 8th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies (ICMAT2015 & IUMRS-ICA2015). Singapore, 2015.

Best poster award, XVI Congreso Argentino de Fisicoquímica y Química Inorgánica. Argentina, 2009.

Special mention, Dupont-CONICET program to assist in technological and scientific development. Argentina, 2007.

Special mention to the best research work, XV Simposio Nacional de Química Orgánica (XV SINAQO). Argentina, 2005.