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Name Krautz, Dr. Maria
Department 3002
Address IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Phone Number +49-351-4659-669
Email m.krautz(at)ifw-dresden.de

Journal Papers

O. Glushko, A. Funk, V. Maier-Kiner, P. Kraker, M. Krautz, J. Eckert, A. Waske:
Mechanical properties of the magnetocaloric intermetallic LaFe11.2Si1.8 alloy at different length scales, Acta Materialia 165 (2019), S. 40-50 URL

A. Funk, J. Freudenberger, A. Waske, M. Krautz:
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M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, J. Landers, S. Salamon, M. Krautz, J.Y. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende:
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J. Landers, S. Salamon, W. Keune, M.E. Gruner, M. Krautz, J. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T.S. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende:
Determining the vibrational entropy change in the giant magnetocaloric material LaFe11.6Si1.4by nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering, Physical Review B 98 (2018) Nr. 2, S. 24417/1-14 URL

K. Sellschopp, B. Weise, M. Krautz, F. Cugini, M. Solzi, L. Helmich, A. Huetten, A. Waske:
Interfacial Thermal Resistance in Magnetocaloric Epoxy-Bonded La-Fe-Co-Si Composites, Energy Technology 6 (2018) Nr. 8, S. 1448-1452 URL

M. Krautz, D. Werner, M. Schrödner, A. Funk, A. Jantz, J. Popp, J. Eckert, A. Waske:
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S. Thota, M. Reehuis, A. Maljuk, A. Hoser, J.U. Hoffmann, B. Weise, A. Waske, M. Krautz, D.C. Joshi, S. Nayak, S. Ghosh, P. Suresh, K. Dasari, S. Wurmehl, O. Prokhnenko, B. Buechner:
Neutron diffraction study of the inverse spinels Co2TiO4 and Co2SnO4, Physical Review B 96 (2017) Nr. 14, S. 144104/1-13 URL

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M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, B. Roldan Cuenya, C. Weis, J. Landers, S.I. Makarov, D. Klar, M.Y. Hu, E.E. Alp, J. Zhao, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende:
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M. Krautz, A. Funk, K.P. Skokov, T. Gottschall, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske:
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S.I. Makarov, M. Krautz, S. Salamon, K. Skokov, C.S. Teixeira, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende, W. Keune:
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S. Nayak, S. Thota, D.C. Joshi, M. Krautz, A. Waske, A. Behler, J. Eckert, T. Sarkar, M.S. Andersson, R. Mathieu, V. Narang, M.S. Seehra:
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O.L. Baumfeld, Z. Gercsi, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, K.G. Sandeman:
The dynamics of spontaneous hydrogen segregation in LaFe13-xSixHy, Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2014) Nr. 20, S. 203905/1-4 URL

M. Krautz, J. Hosko, K. Skokov, P. Svec, M. Stoica, L. Schultz, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske:
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M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, J. Liu, C.S. Teixeira, R. Schaefer, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch:
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J. Liu, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, M. Krautz, K. Loewe, A. Barcza, M. Katter, O. Gutfleisch:
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C.S. Teixeira, M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K. Skokov, J. Liu, P.A.P. Wendhausen, O. Gutfleisch:
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D. Geissler, J. Freudenberger, A. Kauffmann, M. Krautz, H. Klauss, A. Voss, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz:
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J. Liu, M. Krautz, K. Skokov, T.G. Woodcock, O. Gutfleisch:
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