Dr. Mark Hermann Rümmeli

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-510

Journal papers:20
Contributions to collected editions/proceedings:4
Invited talks:14

Journal papers


M. Chernysheva, A. Bednyakova, M. Al Araimi, R.C.T. Howe, G. Hu, T. Hasan, A. Gambetta, G. Galzerano, M. Ruemmeli, A. Rozhin: Double-Wall Carbon Nanotube Hybrid Mode-Locker in Tm-doped Fibre Laser: A Novel Mechanism for Robust Bound-State Solitons Generation, Scientific Reports 7 (2017), S. 44314/1-11 URL

Y. Fu, V. Romay, Y. Liu, B. Ibarlucea, L. Barabana, V. Khavrusa, S. Oswald, A. Bachmatiuk, I. Ibrahim, M. Ruemmeli, T. Gemming, V. Bezugly, G. Cuniberti: Chemiresistive biosensors based on carbon nanotubes for label-free detection of DNA sequences derived from avian influenza virus H5N1, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 249 (2017), S. 691-699 URL


M. Khazaee, W. Xia, G. Lackner, R.G. Mendes, M. Ruemmeli, M. Muhler, D.C. Lupascu: Dispersibility of vapor phase oxygen and nitrogen functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes in various organic solvents, Scientific Reports 6 (2016), S. 26208/1-10 URL


M. Wang, L. Fu, L. Gan, C. Zhang, M. Ruemmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, K. Huang, Y. Fang, Z. Liu: CVD Growth of large area smooth-edged graphene nanomesh by nanosphere lithography, Scientific Reports 3 (2013), S. 1238/ 1-6 URL

J. Wang, M. Zeng, L. Tan, B. Dai, Y. Deng, M. Ruemmeli, H. Xu, Z. Li, S. Wang, L. Peng, J. Eckert, L. Fu: High-mobility graphene on liquid p-block elements by ultra-low-loss CVD growth, Scientific Reports 3 (2013), S. 2670/1-7 URL


C. Kramberger, P. Ayala, H. Shiozawa, F. Simon, A. Friedrich, X. Liu, M. Ruemmeli, Y. Miyata, H. Kataura, P. Hoffmann, T. Pichler: Disentanglement of the unoccupied electronic structure in metallic and semiconducting C60 peapods, Physical Review B 83 (2011) Nr. 19, S. 195438/1-5 URL


P. Ayala, R. Arenal, M. Ruemmeli, A. Rubio, T. Pichler: The doping of carbon nanotubes with nitrogen and their potential applications, Carbon 48 (2010), S. 575-586 URL


H. Shiozawa, C. Kramberger, M. Ruemmeli, D. Batchelor, H. Kataura, T. Pichler, S.R.P. Silva: Electronic properties of single-walled carbon nanotubes encapsulating a cerium organometallic compound, Physica Status Solidi B 246 (2009) Nr. 11-12, S. 2626-2630 URL

H. Shiozawa, T. Pichler, C. Kramberger, M. Ruemmeli, D. Batchelor, Z. Liu, K. Suenaga, H. Kataura, S.R.P. Silva: Screening the missing electron: nanochemistry in action, Physical Review Letters 102 (2009) Nr. 4, S. 46804/1-4 URL


P. Ayala, A. Grueneis, D. Grimm, C. Kramberger, R. Engelhard, M. Ruemmeli, J. Schumann, R. Kaltofen, B. Buechner, C. Schaman, H. Kuzmany, T. Gemming, A. Barreiro, T. Pichler: Cyclohexane triggers staged growth of pure and vertically aligned single wall carbon nanotubes, Chemical Physics Letters 454 (2008) Nr. 4-6, S. 332-336 URL

M. Bystrzejewski, R. Schoenfelder, G. Cuniberti, H. Lange, A. Huczko, T. Gemming, T. Pichler, B. Buechner, M. Ruemmeli: Exposing multiple roles of H2O in high-temperature enhanced carbon nanotube synthesis, Chemistry of Materials 20 (2008), S. 6586-6588 URL

J.C.G. Jeynes, C. Jeynes, K.J. Kirkby, M. Ruemmeli, S.R.P. Silva: RBS/EBS/PIXE measurement of single-walled carbon nanotube modification by nitric acid purification treatment, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 266 (2008) Nr. 8, S. 1569-1573 URL

C. Kramberger, M. Ruemmeli, M. Knupfer, J. Fink, B. Buechner, E. Einarsson, S. Maruyama, T. Pichler: Loss-spectroscopy on sparse arrays of aligned single-wall carbon nanotubes, Physica Status Solidi B 245 (2008) Nr. 10, S. 2284-2287 URL


I. Moench, R. Kozhuharova-Koseva, M. Ruemmeli, D. Elefant, T. Gemming, R. Kaltofen, A. Leonhardt, T. Schaefer, B. Buechner: Selective growth of vertically aligned Fe-filled carbon nanotubes on oxidized silicon substrates, Journal of Physics: Conference Series 61 (2007), S. 815-819 URL

A. Vyalikh, R. Klingeler, S. Hampel, D. Haase, M. Ritschel, A. Leonhardt, E. Borowiak-Palen, M. Ruemmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, R.J. Kalenczuk, H.-J. Grafe, B. Buechner: A nanoscaled contactless thermometer for biological systems, Physica Status Solidi B 244 (2007) Nr. 11, S. 4092-4096 URL


M. Bystrzejewski, H. Lange, A. Huczko, M. Ruemmeli, T. Gemming, T. Pichler: Synthesis of heterogenous multi-walled carbon nanotubes in a carbon arc in water, Fullerenes, Nanotubes, and Carbon Nanostructures 14 (2006) Nr. 2-3, S. 207-213 URL

D. Grimm, A. Grueneis, C. Kramberger, M. Ruemmeli, T. Gemming, B. Buechner, A. Barreiro, H. Kuzmany, R. Pfeiffer, T. Pichler: Catalytic decomposition of n-heptane for the growth of high quality single wall carbon nanotubes, Chemical Physics Letters 428 (2006) Nr. 4-6, S. 416-420 URL

C. Kramberger, M. Loeffler, M. Ruemmeli, A. Grueneis, R. Schoenfelder, O. Jost, T. Gemming, T. Pichler, B. Buechner: Synthesis of single wall carbon nanotubes with defined 13C content, Physica Status Solidi B 243 (2006) Nr. 13, S. 3050-3053 URL


E. Borowiak-Palen, M. Ruemmeli, T. Gemming, M. Knupfer, R.J. Kalenczuk, T. Pichler: Formation of novel nanostructures using carbon nanotubes as a frame, Synthetic Metals 153 (2005) Nr. 1-3, S. 345-348 URL

M. Ruemmeli, E. Borowiak-Palen, T. Gemming, A. Huczko, M. Knupfer, S. Cudzilo, R.J. Kalenczuk, T. Pichler: Modification of SiC based nanorods via a hydrogenated annealing process, Synthetic Metals 153 (2005) Nr. 1-3, S. 349-352 URL

Contributions to collected editions/proceedings


E. Borowiak-Palen, C. Tripisciano, M. Ruemmeli, S. Costa, X. Chen, R.J. Kalenczuk: Filling of carbon nanotubes: Containers for magnetic probes and drug delivery, in: Carbon Nanotubes for Biomedical Applications, R. Klingeler, R.B. Sim (eds.), Springer-Verl., 2011, 67-82 (2011)


A.R. Biris, D. Lupu, A. Grueneis, P. Ayala, M. Ruemmeli, T. Pichler, Z.R. Li, I. Misan, E. Dervishi, A.S. Biris: High quality double wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by RF chemical vapor deposition, 235th American-Chemical-Society National Meeting, New Orleans/ USA, April 2008, in: Abstracts of papers of the American Chemical Society, 235 (2008)

A.R. Biris, D. Lupu, A. Grueneis, P. Ayala, M. Ruemmeli, T. Pichler, Z. Li, I. Misan, E. Dervishi, A.S. Biris: High quality double wall carbon nanotubes synthesized by RF chemical vapor deposition, 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA/ USA, 6.-10.4.2008, in: PHYS-407. CODEN: 69KNN3 AN 2008:391328 CAPLUS (2008)


M. Ruemmeli, O. Jost, T. Gemming, M. Knupfer, E. Borowiak-Palen, T. Pichler, S. Ravi P. Silva, B. Buechner: Metal oxides and low temperature SWCNT synthesis via laser evaporation, XIX International Winterschool/Euroconference on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials, Kirchberg/Oesterreich, 12.-19.3.05, in: Electronic Properties of Novel Nanostructures, H. Kuzmany; J. Fink; M. Mehring; S. Roth (eds.) ; AIP Conference Proceedings, 786, 77-80 (2005)

Invited talks


M. Ruemmeli: Electron driven engineering of graphene, DSL 2012 conference, Istanbul/ Turkey, 25.-29.6.12 (2012)

M. Ruemmeli: A microscopic evaluation of metal free CVD grown graphene over Al2O3 and SiO2/Si, Invited talk, NDNC 2012 Puerto Rico/ USA, 20.-24.5.12 (2012)

M. Ruemmeli: Conventional and unconventional approaches to carbon nanotube fabrication and manipulation, Oral Presentation, Lecture, Ustron/ Poland, 27.-29.2.12 (2012)

M. Ruemmeli: Functionalized carbon nanotubes, Oral presentation, "THz Dynamics in Carbon based Nanostructures", Dresden, 5.-7.3.12 (2012)


M. Ruemmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, I. Ibrahim: Evolving catalytic routes for carbon nanotube and graphene growth, Invited Talk, Nablus/ Palestine, 1.-2.6.11 (2011)

M. Ruemmeli: Evolving catalytic routes for carbon nanotube and graphene growth, Invited Talk, Al Quds/ Palestine, 4.-6.6.11 (2011)


M. Ruemmeli: Opportunities for Academics and Students in Germany, National Autonomous University Mexico, Queretaro/ Mexico, 8.-9.4.10 (2010)

M. Ruemmeli: Rethinking carbon nanotube and graphene growth, Centre for Applied Physics and Advanced Technology, Queretaro/ Mexico, 9.4.10 (2010)

M. Ruemmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, F. Boerrnert, B. Buechner: Rethinking carbon nanotube and graphene growth, Invited Lecture, 1st International Conference on Nantechnology, Quito/ Ecuador, 14.-18.6.10 (2010)


V. Khavrus, E. Ibrahim, M. Ruemmeli, A. Bachmatiuk, S. Hampel, A. Leonhardt, B. Buechner: Application of Raman spectroscopy for investigation properties of carbon nanotubes, Visit to Sohag University (Egypt) for preparation of publications based on the common work performed during stay of E.M.M.Ibrahim at IFW-Dresden, Faculty of Science of Sohag University / Egypt, 26.6.-4.7.09 (2009)

F. Schaeffel, M. Ruemmeli, C. Taeschner, B. Rellinghaus, B. Buechner, L. Schultz: Synthesis, characterisation and modification of carbon nanomaterials, Seminar an der FU Berlin, 3.11.09 (2009)


M. Ruemmeli, C. Kramberger, A. Grueneis, F. Schaeffel, M. Loeffler, D. Grimm, E. Mohn, B. Rellinghaus, T. Pichler, B. Buechner: Single wall carbon nanotubes: synthesis, characterization and growth mechanism, Vortrag am Politechnika Szczecinska, Szczecin/ Polen, 30.11.06 (2006)


T. Pichler, H. Rauf, E. Borowiak-Palen, M. Ruemmeli, X. Liu, M. Knupfer, F. Simon, H. Kuzmany, H. Kataura: Electronic and optical properties of functionalised nanotubes, European MRS Spring Meeting,Strasbourg/Frankreich, 24.-28.5.04 (2004)

M. Ruemmeli, E. Borowiak-Palen, G.G. Fuentes, T. Gemming, T. Pichler, M. Knupfer: Synthesis and characterization of molecular nanostructures, Vortrag an der Universitaet Warschau/Polen, 14.10.04 (2004)