Dr. Sahinur Reja

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-1814

Quantum Monte Carlo, electron-phonon and electron-spin interactions, Mcrocavity polaritons

Journal papers:4

Journal papers


S. Reja, P.S. Anisimov, M. Daghofer: From frustrated to unfrustrated: Coupling two triangular-lattice itinerant quantum magnets, Physical Review B 96 (2017) Nr. 8, S. 85144/1-11 URL


S. Reja, J. van den Brink, S. Nishimoto: Strongly Enhanced Superconductivity in Coupled t-J Segments, Physical Review Letters 116 (2016) Nr. 6, S. 67002/1-5 URL

S. Reja, J. van den Brink, S. Kumar: Electronic route to stabilize nanoscale spin textures in itinerant frustrated magnets, Physical Review B 93 (2016) Nr. 15, S. 155115/1-5 URL


S. Reja, R. Ray, J. van den Brink, S. Kumar: Coupled spin-charge order in frustrated itinerant triangular magnets, Physical Review B 91 (2015) Nr. 14, S. 140403/1-5 URL