Dr. Stefan Harazim

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-291

Current activities and research


Since 2012 I am the head of the class 1000 clean room of the IFW Dresden. The CR has about 60 users and the CR team consists of four technicians and one SHK member. My aim is to support the IFW members with semiconductor process technology (Lithography, Deposition (e-Beam, sputtering), Etching (dry, wet), Packaging, Analysis, ...) as a kind of scientific process engineer.


My postdoctoral research work includes:

  • establishing an effective technology platform for rolled-up nanotech by

    • improving the process reliability
    • using new materials and depositon methods
    • increasing the production yield
    • enhancing the output by going from chip- to wafer-level production
    • combining different funcitionalities in a single rolled-up system

  • on-chip integration and microfluidic interconnection of multifunctional nanomembranes such as:

    • optofluidic sensors
    • magentofluidic sensors
    • chemical sensors
    • heating elments
    • valves and pumps

  • on-chip optofluidic sensors systems

    • improving sensoric sensitivity and selectivity
    • developing new methods for data readout and signal processing



Projects involved

DFG Research Unit For 1713
Sensoric Micro- and Nanosystems

Journal papers


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