Research in the group EPR

We are investigating novel materials with strong spin, orbital and charge correlations:

Complex transition metal oxides

• Low-dimensional quantum magnets

• Frustrated spin systems

Novel superconductors

• Cuprates

• iron pnictides

Correlated metals

• Heavy fermion and Kondo systems

Molecular magnets

Besides published papers (see the publication list), part of the results is also summarized in the PhD works of our former and current group members:

Dr. Christian Golze "Tunable High-Field/ High-Frequency ESR and High-Field Magnetization on Single-Molecule Clusters"

Dr. Uwe Schaufuß "Hochfeld/Hochfrequenz-Elektronenspin-Resonanz an Übergangsmetallverbindungen mit starken elektronischen Korrelationen"

Dr. Mohammed Yehia Elbahrawy "High field electron magnetic resonance in complex correlated spin systems"

Dr. Yulieth Cristina Arango "Electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy of low-dimensional spin systems"

Dr. Yulia Krupskaya "Magnetic Properties of Molecular and Nanoscale Magnets"

Dr. Alexey Alfonsov "High-field electron spin resonance study of electronic inhomogeneities in correlated transition metal compounds"

Dr. Ferdinand Lipps "Electron spins in reduced dimensions: ESR spectroscopy on semiconductor heterostructures and spin chain compounds"

Dr. Azar Aliabadi "ESR and Magnetization Studies of Transition Metal Molecular Compounds"



EPR group is a part of the

IFF research unit

         "Magnetic properties"