Julia Linnemann

Position:doctoral candidate
Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-693

Research Topic

Electrochemical synthesis of metal organic composite materials for various energy storage systems


Journal papers:4

Journal papers


M. Klose, R. Reinhold, F. Logsch, F. Wolke, J. Linnemann, U. Stoeck, S. Oswald, M. Uhlemann, J. Balach, J. Markowski, P. Ay, L. Giebeler: Softwood Lignin as a Sustainable Feedstock for Porous Carbons as Active Material for Supercapacitors Using an Ionic Liquid Electrolyte, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering 5 (2017), S. 4094-4102 URL

J. Linnemann, L. Taudien, M. Klose, L. Giebeler: Electrodeposited films to MOF-derived electrochemical energy storage electrodes: a concept of simplified additive-free electrode processing for self-standing, ready-to-use materials, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (2017) Nr. 35, S. 18420-18428 URL


J. Linnemann, J. Giorgio, K. Wagner, G. Mathieson, G.G. Wallace, D.L. Officer: A simple one step process for enhancement of titanium foil dye sensitised solar cell anodes, Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (2015) Nr. 7, S. 3266-3270 URL


F.S. Fedorov, J. Linnemann, K. Tschulik, L. Giebeler, M. Uhlemann, A. Gebert: Capacitance performance of cobalt hydroxide-based capacitors with utilization of near-neutral electrolytes, Electrochimica Acta 90 (2013), S. 166-170 URL


Doctoral Scholarship of the German Environmental Foundation (DBU)


2014  Walter-von-Tschirnhaus award certificate, TU Dresden
2014  Professor-Schwabe award, TU Dresden