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Name Alberta, Ludovico Andrea
Department Chemistry of Functional Materials
Position PhD Candidate (BIOREMIA ETN project)
Email l.a.alberta(at)ifw-dresden.de
ORCID 0000-0002-6249-1146

Journal Papers

M. Escobar, O. Careta, N. Fernández Navas, A. Bartkowska, L.A. Alberta, J. Fornell, P. Solsona, T. Gemming, A. Gebert, E. Ibáñez, A. Blanquer, C. Nogués, J. Sort, E. Pellicer
Surface Modified β-Ti-18Mo-6Nb-5Ta (wt%) Alloy for Bone Implant Applications: Composite Characterization and Cytocompatibility Assessment
Journal of Functional Biomaterials 14, 94/1-20 (2023) URL

A. Akman, L.A. Alberta, P.M. Giraldo-Osorno, A.B. Turner, M. Hantusch, A. Palmquist, M. Trobos, M. Calin, A. Gebert
Effect of minor gallium addition on corrosion, passivity, and antibacterial behaviour of novel β-type Ti–Nb alloys
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 25, 4110-4124 (2023) URL

L.A. Alberta, Y. Fortouna, J. Vishnu, S. Pilz, A. Gebert, C. Lekka, K. Nielsch, M. Calin
Effects of Ga on the structural, mechanical and electronic properties of β-Ti-45Nb alloy by experiments and ab initio calculations
Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 105728/1-12 (2023) URL

L.A. Alberta, J. Vishnu, Y. Douest, K. Perrin, A.-M. Trunfio-Sfarghiu, N. Courtois, A. Gebert, B. Ter-Ovanessian, M. Calin
Tribocorrosion behavior of β-type Ti-Nb-Ga alloys in a physiological solution
Tribology International 181, 108325/1-12 (2023) URL

J. Vishnu, A R Ansheed, P Hameed, K Praveenkumar, S. Pilz, L. Alberta, S Swaroop, M. Calin, A. Gebert, G. Manivasagam
Insights into the surface and biocompatibility aspects of laser shock peened Ti-22Nb alloy for orthopedic implant applications
Applied Surface Science 586, 152816 (2022) URL

L.A. Alberta, J. Vishnu, A. Hariharan, S. Pilz, A. Gebert, M. Calin
Novel low modulus beta-type Ti–Nb alloys by gallium and copper minor additions for antibacterial implant applications
Journal of Materials Research and Technology 20, 3306-3322 (2022) URL

Invited Talks

M. Calin, L.A. Alberta, J. Vishnu, A. Hariharan, S. Pilz, A. Gebert
Synthesis and characterization of novel antibacterial Ti-Nb-Cu/Ga alloys for load-bearing implant applications
TMS 2023 | San Diego Convention Center & Hilton San Diego Bayfront
San Diego, CA, USA, 19.03.2023 - 23.03.2023