Stefan Pilz

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-262

Journal papers:9
Invited talks:8

Journal papers


J. Hufenbach, F. Kochta, H. Wendrock, A. Voss, L. Giebeler, S. Oswald, S. Pilz, U. Kuehn, A. Lode, M. Gelinsky, A. Gebert: S and B microalloying of biodegradable Fe-30Mn-1C - Effects on microstructure, tensile properties, in vitro degradation and cytotoxicity, Materials and Design 142 (2018), S. 22-35 URL

S. Pilz, D. Geissler, M. Calin, J. Eckert, M. Zimmermann, J. Freudenberger, A. Gebert: Thermomechanical processing of In-containing ß-type Ti-Nb alloys, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 79 (2018), S. 283-291 URL


M. Goettlicher, M. Rohnke, Y. Moryson, J. Thomas, J. Sann, A. Lode, M. Schumacher, R. Schmidt, S. Pilz, A. Gebert, T. Gemming, J. Janek: Functionalization of Ti-40Nb implant material with strontium by reactive sputtering, Biomaterials Research online only (2017), S. 2118/1-11 URL

A. Helth, S. Pilz, T. Kirsten, L. Giebeler, J. Freudenberger, M. Calin, J. Eckert, A. Gebert: Effect ofthermomechanical processing on the mechanical biofunctionality of a low modulus Ti-40Nb alloy, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials 65 (2017), S. 137-150 URL

I. Lindemann, R. Schmidt, S. Pilz, B. Gebel, A. Teresiak, A. Gebert: Ultrafine-grained Ti-40Nb prepared by reactive milling of the elements in hydrogen, Journal of Alloys and Compounds 729 (2017), S. 1244-1249 URL

S. Pilz, A. Gebert, A. Voss, S. Oswald, M. Goettlicher, U. Hempel, J. Eckert, M. Rohnke, J. Janek, M. Calin: Metal release and cell biological compatibility of beta-type Ti-40Nb containing indium, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research B online first (2017), S. 1-12 URL

A. Reck, S. Pilz, M. Calin, A. Gebert, M. Zimmermann: Fatigue properties of a new generation ß-type Ti-Nb alloy for osteosynthesis with an industrial standard surface condition, International Journal of Fatigue 103 (2017), S. 147-156 URL

R. Schmidt, S. Pilz, I. Lindemann, C. Damm, J. Hufenbach, A. Helth, D. Geissler, A. Henss, M. Rohnke, M. Calin, M. Zimmermann, J. Eckert, M.H. Lee, A. Gebert: Powder metallurgical processing of low modulus beta-type Ti-45Nb to bulk and macro-porous compacts, Powder Technology 322 (2017), S. 393-401 URL


A. Gebert, D. Eigel, P.F. Gostin, V. Hoffmann, M. Uhlemann, A. Helth, S. Pilz, R. Schmidt, M. Calin, M. Goettlicher, M. Rohnke, J. Janek: Oxidation treatments of beta-type Ti-40Nb for biomedical use, Surface and Coatings Technology 302 (2016), S. 88-99 URL

Invited talks


M. Calin, M. Boenisch, S. Pilz, S. Bera, A. Gebert, J. Eckert: Properties optimization of Ti-based biomaterials by structural design , BRAMAT 2017, Brasov/ Romania, 9.-11.3.17 (2017)

A. Gebert, R. Schmidt, S. Pilz, J. Eckert, M. Rohnke, M. Zimmermann, M. Calin: Metastable Ti-based alloys for biomedical use, International Conference on rapidly Quenched & Metastable Materials (RQ16), Leoben/ Austria, 27.8.-1.9.17 (2017)


M. Calin, M. Boenisch, A. Helth, S. Pilz, L. Giebeler, A. Gebert, W. Skrotzki, J. Eckert: Thermal stability and structural characteristics of metastable beta-type Ti-Nb alloys for implant applications, TMS 2016, Nashville/USA, 16.-18.2.16 (2016)

M. Calin, M. Boenisch, S. Pilz, S. Bera, A. Gebert, J. Eckert: Property optimization of Ti-based biomaterials by structural design, Conference "Diaspora si prietenii 2016", Timisoara/ Romania, 24.-28.4.16 (2016)

M. Calin, M. Boenisch, A. Helth, S. Pilz, R. Schmidt, A. Gebert, T. Waitz, M. Zehetbauer, J. Eckert: Nanostructured SPD-processed Ti-based materials for load-bearing orthopaedic applications, THERMEC 2016, Graz/Austria, 29.5-3.6.16 (2016)

R. Schmidt, S. Pilz: Materials Characterization in M1 - selected techniques, SFB/ TR 79 Young Scientist Workshop, Eisenach/ Germany, 26.-27.4.16 (2016)


M. Calin, A. Gebert, F.P. Gostin, A. Helth, M. Boenisch, S. Pilz, R. Schmidt, U. Hempel, M. Zehetbauer, J. Eckert: Tailoring the microstructures and surfaces of metastable Ti-based alloys at the nano-scale for implant applications, 1st. International Symposium on Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, from Fundamentals to Sustainable Applications (SIPS 2015), Antalya/ Turkey, 4.-9.10.15 (2015)

M. Calin, A. Gebert, S. Abdi, A. Helth, S. Pilz, J. Eckert: Property optimization of Ti-based biomaterials by structural design, Colloquium of Materials Science and Enginerring Faculty, University Politehnica Bucharest, Bucharest/ Romania, 11.-12.11.15 (2015)