Dr. Ulrich Stoeck

Address:IFW Dresden
Helmholtzstraße 20
01069 Dresden
Telephone number:+49-351-4659-690

Journal papers: 14

Journal Papers


M. Klose, R. Reinhold, K. Pinkert, M. Uhlemann, F. Wolke, J. Balach, T. Jaumann, U. Stoeck, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: "Hierarchically nanostructured hollow carbon nanospheres for ultra-fast and long-life energy storage",

Carbon (2016), 106, p. 306-313.

S. Krause, V. Bon, I. Senkovska, U. Stoeck, D. Wallacher, D. M. Többens, S. Zander, R. S. Pillai, G. Maurin, F.-X. Coudert, S. Kaskel: ”A pressure amplifying framework material with negative gas adsorption transitions“,

U. Stoeck, J. Balach, M. Klose, D. Wadewitz, E. Ahrens, J. Eckert, L. Giebeler: "Reconfiguration of Lithium Sulphur Batteries: Enhancement of Li-S cell performance by employing a highly porous conductive separator coating”,

Journal of Power Sources (2016), 309, p. 76-81.


U. Stoeck, I. Senkovska, V. Bon, S. Krause, S. Kaskel: Assembly of Metal-Organic Polyhedra into highly porous Frameworks for Ethene delivery,

Chemical Communications (2015), 51, p. 1046-1049.

C. Kutzscher, H. C. Hoffmann, S. Krause, U. Stoeck, I. Senkovska, E. Brunner, S. Kaskel: Proline Functionalization of the Mesoporous Metal-Organic Framework DUT-32, 

Inorganic Chemistry (2015), 54, p. 1003-1009.


R. Grünker, V. Bon, P. Müller, U. Stoeck, S. Krause, U. Mueller, I. Senkovska, S. Kaskel: A new metal–organic framework with ultra-highsurface area,

Chemical Communications (2014), 50, p. 3450-3452.

G. Nickerl, U. Stoeck, U. Burkhardt, I. Senkovska, S. Kaskel: A catalytically active porous coordination polymer based on a dinuclear rhodium paddle-wheel unit,

Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2014), 2, p. 144-148.


U. Stoeck, S. Krause, V. Bon, I. Senkovska, S. Kaskel: A highly porous metal-organic framework, constructed from a cuboctahedral super-molecular building block, with exceptionally high methane uptake,

Chemical Communication (2012), 48, p. 5151-5153.

R. Grünker, V. Bon, A. Heerwig, N. Klein, P. Müller, U. Stoeck, I. A. Baburin, U. Mueller, I. Senkovska, S. Kaskel: Dye Encapsulation Inside a New Mesoporous Metal-Organic Framework for Multifunctional Solvatochromic-Response Function,

Chemistry - A European Journal (2012), 18, p. 13299-13303.

U. Stoeck, G. Nickerl, U. Burkhardt, I. Senkovska, S. Kaskel: Modular Construction of a Porous Organometallic Network Based on Rhodium Olefin Complexation,

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2012), 134, p. 17335-17337.


N. Klein, I. Senkovska, I. A. Baburin, R. Gruenker, U. Stoeck, M. Schlichtenmayer, B. Streppel, U. Mueller, S. Leoni, M. Hirscher, S. Kaskel: Route to a Family of Robust, Non-interpenetrated Metal–Organic Frameworks with pto-like Topology,

Chemistry - A European Journal (2011), 17, p. 13007-13016.

P. Wollmann, M. Leistner, U. Stoeck, R. Gruenker, K. Gedrich, N. Klein, O. Throl, W. Graehlert, I. Senkovska, F. Dreisbach, S. Kaskel: High-throughput screening: speeding up porous materials discovery,

Chemical Communication (2011), 47, p. 5151-5153.


K. Gedrich, I. Senkovska, N. Klein, U. Stoeck, A. Henschel, M. R. Lohe, I. A. Baburin, U. Mueller, S. Kaskel: A Highly Porous Metal–Organic Framework with Open Nickel Sites,

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2010), 45, p. 8489-8492.


N. Klein, I. Senkovska, K. Gedrich, U. Stoeck, A. Henschel, U. Mueller, S. Kaskel: A mesoporous metal-organic framework”,

Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2009), 52, p. 9954-9957.