detail of a sputter facility for thin film deposition

Knowledge & Technology Transfer

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We want to share our research results and material developments with partners from science and business. Our transfer services range from close cooperation in joint research & development projects with industrial partners up to contract research for individual needs in specific manufacturing or measurements based on our unique technical infrastructure and research equipment. Furthermore, we provide licenses and know-how transfer for patented innovations. We arrange guided labtours and expert meetings for interested cooperation partners.

Cooperation and Service Offers

SAWlab Saxony

Applying surface acoustic waves in innovative  devices

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	Kohlenstoffnanoröhrchen als Spitze eines Kraftmikroskops

Fe-filled carbon nanotubes

for magnetic force microscopy sensors

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	double wall carbon nanotube

Tailored Carbon Nanotubes / CNTs / Fibers

We tailore nano tubes on your demand

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	facility for levitated melting and subsequent rapid cooling

Melting & molding

Tailoring metal properties by special melting and molding techniques

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Research Technology

Development and manufacturing von research equipment

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Spectroelectrochemical investigation on electrochemically generated charge carriers in organic semiconductors

Detection and characterization of electrochemically generatedspecies

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Sample feeds for DSC devices

Change your DSC samples fast and secure

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Battery test stand for climate chambers

Charging and discharging tests for various batteries formats under different environmental conditions

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Dr. Uwe Siegel
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Cooperation offers and services

Cooperation offer: Surface acoustic waves

The IFW hosts the SAWLab Saxony which binds together regional research activities in the field of acoustoelectronics. The  close collaboration with universities and high-tech companies enables a comprehensive investigation of microacoustic devices and adjacent technologies. Following experiences are offered:

  • the theory of solid state and acoustic wave phenomena,
  • innovative electrode materials and material systems,
  • novel single crystal, flexible and thin film substrate materials,
  • advanced technologies for functional film deposition and patterning, and
  • future microacoustic devices and applications
  • sophisticated thin film analytics

The fundamental research and utilization chain of the SAWLab Saxony includes the joint development of application-specific demonstrators, the corporative use of equipment and facilities as well as the transfer of technology to and from industrial partners involved in all stages of development. This approach allows us to address economic sectors with high growth dynamics, such as telecommunication, MEMS, sensors and actuators as well as Smart Systems and Life Sciences.

Cooperation offer: Magnetic Force Microscopy sensor based on Fe-filled carbon nanotube

A new kind of magnetic force microscopy (MFM) sensor is based on iron filled carbon nanotubes and offers high spatial resolution, high magnetic stability and a monopole-like stray field characteristic that makes it suitable for straightforward quantitative MFM. Furthermore, due to the high mechanical stability of the carbon shell, it offers an increased damage resistance and shelf life compared to conventional MFM sensors.

  • Resolution: Better than 25 nm
  • Magnetic stability: Better than 125 mT
  • Shelf life: Better than 2 years
  • Monopole-like magnetic moment: around 2.0 × 10-9 Am

Service offer: Melting & molding techniques for special needs

We offer access to the following melting and casting facilities:

  • Recipient melt spinning and casting facility under inert gas or vacuum, tape or rod form
  • Centrifugal casting machine under inert gas or vacuum, in almost any form
  • Cold crucible system under inert gas or vacuum, in rod form
  • Strip caster for rapid solidification: bands of Fe-based alloys with soft magnetic properties or as precursors for catalysts
  • EAF almost all of alloy systems other than Zn- and Mg-based alloys
  • Electron multi-chamber furnace melting Ti-, Ni-, Fe- or Cu-based alloys purification of reactive metals welding
  • Induction furnace under inert gas or vacuum

Service offer: Tailored Carbon Nanotubes, Fullerenes, Particles and Fibers

We are tailoring, investigating and characterising carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, particles and fibers on your demand by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) in scale of grams.

  • single, double and multi-wall nano tubes up to 20 walls
  • nanotube lenghts 100 - 1000 µm
  • nanotube diameters 20 - 100 nm
  • nano graphene oxide (NGO) (lateral width: 100 – 300 nm; thickness: 2 – 6 nm)
  • nanotube morphologies / shapes: tubular, bamboo-like,...
  • nanotube fillings: iron, cobalt, nickel, alloys, salts, ...
  • nanotube layer doping: boron, nitrogen, ...
  • nanotube surface and nano graphene oxide functionalization with proteins, carboxyl groups,...
  • carbon fullerenes and fibers

Services in Research Technology

Special manufacturing engineering 

  • Manufacturing of Surface mounted device-(SMD)-printed circuit boards, plated-through, in small amounts, custom build
  • Laser cutting of thin steel sheets
  • Laser welding
  • Manufacturing of small high precision components by 5 axis cutting
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of big components like vacuum chambers

Measurement and calibrarion:

  • Vibration measurement
  • electromagnetic compatibility measurements
  • Acoustical measurements
  • Thermal imaging with 50 mK temperature resolution for technical processes
  • Survey / Gauging  of components, devices and room by 3D scanning
  • Tactile index arm for gauging of technical components
  • Calibration pumping station for vacuum devices with  a viscosity vacuum meter as reference
  • Fumigation / Outgassing investigation in high vacuum with a heatable sample holder (up to 700 °C) and QMS
  • Dry cryogenic test stand with temperature control between 10 K and 300 K
  • Helium-leak detection
  • Manufacturing of definite gas mixture for calibration purposes of gas sensors

Cooperation and service offer: spectroelectrochemical investigation on electrochemically generated charge carriers in organic semiconductors

We detect and characterize electrochemically generatedspecies (e.g. radical ions, diions etc.) by various spectroelectrochemical techniques. We provide the information about the structure, properties and stability of the charged carriers in organic π-conjugated systems. We offer our expertise for the following scientific questions:

  • study of electrode reaction mechanism of π-conjugated organic compounds
  • study of doping processes in conducting and redox polymers
  • spectroscopic determination of reactive oxygen species (1O2, OH, OOH, O2●‒)  for research in biomedicine, cosmetics, wastewater treatment
  • pre-screening of semiconductor organic materials for organic devices

Following techniques are available in IFW:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroelectrochemistry
  • Electron Spin (Paramagnetic) Resonance (ESR/EPR) spectroelectrochemistry
  • Ultraviolet-Visible-Near Infrared (UV-vis-NIR) spectroelectrochemistry (also combined with EPR spectroscopy)
  • Luminescence spectroelectrochemistry
  • Raman spectroelectrochemistry
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroelectrochemistry

Sample feeds for DSC devices

We are offering custom-build sample feeding plates and cones for DSC-devices. Praxis proofed sample feeder for DSC-devices of Perkin-Elmer are availabele for the following models:

  • DSC – 7
  • DSC – Diamond
  • DSC – 8500


  • Easy and secure sample exchange especially for unexperienced users of DSC devices
  • Saves repair and maintenance cost
  • praxis proofed models for DSC-devices of Perkin-Elmer
    • DSC – 7
    • DSC – Diamond
    • DSC – 8500

License offer: Battery test stand for climate chambers

We developed and patented a special battery test stand for climate chambers with the following features:

  • Synchronal charge and discharge measurements of various and also exotic battery cell formats 
  • Praxis proofed for climate chambers form Binder GmbH
  • Temperature range from -40 °C to 60 °C