DRESDEN-concept is an association of the TU Dresden [Dresden University of Technology] and non-university partners from science and culture with the objective of making the excellence of Dresden-based research more visible. The partners develop and utilize synergies in the sectors research, education and training, infrastructure as well as administration. They coordinate their scientific strategy and identify fields in which Dresden is a global leader. They are developing a common strategy to bring leading scientists of the world to Dresden.

Materialforschungsverbund Dresden

Dresden-based institutes involved in materials science and technology form the Materials Research Network Dresden (MFD) to promote their internal and external relationships. The MFD is a registered non-profit association of 10 institutes from Dresden University of Technology, and 10 non-university and industrial research institutions.

Websites of EU-Projects co-ordinated by IFW

  • EU Marie-Curie ITN BioTiNet: Biocompatible Titanium-based structures for orthopaedics
  • EU Marie-Curie RTN CARBIO: Carbon nanotubes for biomedical applications

Websites of other networks coordinated by IFW