technician working in a glovebox



STOE Stadi P Dual Source diffractometer (Cu Kα1 and Co Kα1)
STOE Stadi P Dual Beam diffractometer (Mo Kα1)
Panalytical Xpert Pro with PIXcel detector (Co Kα)  


Infrared spectroscopy
Thermo Scientific Nicolet 6700 Advanced Gold FT-IR
Thermo Scientific Nicolet Continuum IR microscope  

UV Vis spectroscopy
Analytik Jena Specord 250 for liquid and solid samples  


ICP OES spectrometer
Thermo Fisher Scientific iCAP 6500 Dual View  

ICP MS spectrometer
Thermo Fisher Scientific Element XR  

Thermogravimetry coupled with Mass Spectrometry
Netzsch STA449 Jupiter + Pfeiffer Omnistar MS  

Mettler-Toledo C-30 coulometric Karl-Fischer titrator
Mettler-Toledo DL70ES titrator  

Density, particle size & porosity
Quantachrome Quadrasorb SI specific surface and pore system analyzer
Porotec Heliumpycnometer density analyzer
Microtrac Bluewave particle size analyzer  

Battery testing equipment

4 Biologic VMP3 Potentiostats with 2 impedance spectroscopy channels and 14 standard channels per unit
1 Biologic VMP3B-10 Booster 10V/10A
1 Biologic SP150 Potentiostat 1 standard channel
2 Basytec Potentiostats CTS battery test systems with 16 standard channels per unit 1
Metrohm Autolab PGSTAT204 with impedance spectroscopy extension

Battery preparation

MTI Crimping tool for coin cell preparation
Erichsen Coatmaster 509 film applicator
4 MBraun glove boxes for individual sampling preparation and handling with on-time H2O and O2 sensoring  

Sample preparation & handling

Preparation equipment
CEM Mars 6 microwave
MLS Mega 1200 microwave
Büchi B-90 Nanospray spray dryer
Zirbus VaCo2 freeze dryer
Edmund Bühler MAM-1 arc melter

Fritsch Pulverisette 7 high energy ball mill
Retsch MM200 mixer mill
Spex SamplePrep mixer mill  

Several muffle furnaces up to 1350 °C (LinnHighTherm, NaberTherm)
Several tube furnaces with gas flow reactors up to 1200 °C (LinnHighTherm, Gero)
Several drying furnaces up to 300 °C (Binder, Heraeus)
Trumpf Hüttinger TruHeat HF 5005 induction heating furnace  

Sample handling boxes
Spetec FBS 112 laminar flow booth
A1 envirosciences ST1-1500 safety weighing booth