Research Teams

  Electron spectroscopy and microscopy
  Prof. Dr. Martin Knupfer

  Dr. Andreas Koitzsch
  Advanced Methods of Electron Microscopy (Dr. Axel Lubk)
  Nano-Optical Spectroscopy and Microscopy of Quantum Matter (Aliaksei Charnukha)


  Synchrotron methods
  Dr. Sergiy Borysenko



    Synthesis and crystal growth
    Dr. Sabine Wurmehl  (1201 - AG Intermetallic Magnetic Materials)
    Dr. Saicharan Aswartham (1202 - AG Material Development)
    Dr. Silvia Seiro (1203 - AG Crystal Growth)


    Transport and scanning probe microscopy
    Dr. Joseph Dufouleur
    Dr. Christian Hess
    Dr. Thomas Mühl


   Magnetic properties
   Dr. Hans-Joachim Grafe
   Dr. Vladislav Kataev
   Dr. Anja Wolter-Giraud


   Surface Dynamics
   Dr. Hagen Schmidt




   Nanoscale chemistry
   Dr. Evgenia Dmitrieva
   Dr. Silke Hampel
   Dr. Yulia Krupskaya
   Dr. Alexey Popov



Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner

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