Archive PhD seminars (2006-2013)


14.12.  Frederik Klein
Graphitisation of tetrahedral amorphous carbon thin films with low energy electrons at the nanoscale
07.12.Christin Schlesier
Synthesis and SQUID Measurements of Dysprosium-Nitride-Clusterfullerenes
30.11.Julia Körner
Application of a Co-Resonant Sensor Concept in Cantilever Magnetometry
16.11.Dr. Seunghyun Khim
Hole-doped iron based superconductors AFe2As2 (A=K,Rb and Cs)
09.11.Christopher Reiche
Novel sensors for scanning force microscopy based on carbon nanotube mechanical resonators
19.10.Frederic Klein
Titel noch nicht bekannt gegeben
12.10.Stephan Zimmermann
High field ESR spectroscopy on frustrated spin magnets
05.10.Denis Krylov
Spectroscopic studies on the magnetic states of endohedral metallofullerenes
28.09.Azar Aliabadi
ESR and Magnetization Studies of Transition Metal Molecular Compounds
14.09.Eric Müller
Plasmon dispersion of 2H-NbSe2 and related systems
07.09.Anna-Sophie Pawlik
Photoelectron spectroscopy and microscopy at conducting domain walls in lithium niobate
20.07.Tobias Ritschel
Electronic self-organization in layered transition metal dichalcogenides
13.07.Gizem Aslan Cansever
Crystal growth and characterization of Ir-based materials
06.07.Frank Steckel
Thermische und elektrische Transportuntersuchungen an niederdimentionalen korrelierten Elektronensystemen
29.06.Martha Scheffler
Tunnelmikroskopische Untersuchungen an atomaren Fremdatomen auf Graphen und an dünnen magnetischen Schichten
22.06.Yannic Utz
NMR on Antiferromagnetic s=1/2 Heisenberg Chains under the Impact of Impurities
08.06.Ahmad Omar
Realizing the predicted half-metallic nature in Co2Cr1-xFexAl Heusler compounds
01.06.Martin Zwiebler
Electronic Depth Profiles with atomic Layer Resolution from Resonant Soft X-Ray Reflectivity
18.05.Rhea Kappenberger
Impact of Y- and Mn-codoping on magnetism/ superconductivity in La1-zYzFe1-yMnyAsO1-xF 
11.05.Uwe Gräfe
Systematic Study of LiFeAs Polycristals under Li Deficiency and Fe Express
04.05.Louis Veyrat


Quantum transport in Bi2Se3 nanostructures under high magnetic field
27.04.Pranab Kumar Nag
Recent progress of low temperature STM/STS study on stoichiometric LiFeAs
20.04.Florian Kiebert
Measurement and simulation of streams agitated by SAW-Devices
13.04.Robert Fuge
Tailor-made carbon nanotubes for the embedding in cement - based matrices
30.03Alexander Fedorov
Electronic properties of impurity-doped graphene
23.03.Christian David Salazar Enriquez
Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy: what we have learnt, challenges and perspectives
09.03.Natalia Samoylova
Electrochemistry of M2- and M2S-clusterfullerenes
02.03.Christian Nowka
Chemical Vapor Transport of Mn@ Bi2Se3 and Sb@ Bi2Se3
11.02.Markus Gellesch
Heusler@ CNT - what we have learned so far
09.02.Uwe Treske
Röntgenspektroskopie an Oxid-Grenzflächen
02.02.Christine Faust
Microfluidies and particle manipulation with surface acoustic waves (SAW)
26.01.Stephan Fuchs
High-field ESR on iridium oxides: Experimental setup and first measurements of Na2IrO3
19.01.Hannes Stummer
High Pressure Synthesis of Oxide Materials
12.01.Florian Rückerl
Charge transfer at organic semiconductor interfaces
05.01.Qingming Deng
QM/MD Simulations of Endohedral Metallofullerene Self-Assembly with Cooling Gas


08.12.   Marcel Haft
Nano particles and wires inside carbon nanotube templates
01.12.Stephan Zimmermann
Ferromagnetic exchange interaction of Mn dopants in the topological insulator Bi2Te3
24.11.Julia Körner
Resonance and harmonic oscillations: an application in nanowire magnetometry
29.10.Sami Makharza
Graphene Oxide Nanohybrids as Platforms for Carboplatin Loading and Delivery
15.10.Benjamin Mahns
Elektronische Eigenschaften dotierter polyzyklischer aromatischer Kohlenwasserstoffe
08.10.Nadine Heming
Surface properties of SmB6 from x-ray Photoemission spectroscopy
01.10.Markus Schäpers
Exploring the Frustrated Quantum Spin Chain Linarite-PbCuSO4(OH)2
24.09.Ronny Schlegel
Rastertunnelmikroskopie und -spektroskopie an dem unkonventionellen Superleiter Lithium-Eisen-Arsen (LiFeAs)
17.09.Abdelwahab Hamdy Hassan
Electrical properties of different kinds of multi-walled carbon nanotubes, carbon nanofibers and nanocomposites materials
10.09.Pranab Kumar Nag
STM/STS study on iron pnictide/chalcogenide superconductor
16.07.Martin Zwiebler
Resonant Soft x-Ray Reflectometry on a strained LaSrMnO4 thin film
02.07.Frank Steckel
Rh-doped iron pnictides - A transport study
25.06.Katrin Junghans
With the reactive gas methane to new structures
18.06.Robert Beck
Systematic study of stoichiometric and off-stoichiometric LiFeAs polycrystals
11.06.David Kunhardt
Cisplatin filled CNT and mucoadhesive studies of different CNT
04.06.Ashwin Mohan
Heat transport in Ca- and Ni-doped spin chain Sr2CuO3
07.05.Christin Schlesier
Synthesis of Dysprosium-Nitrid-Cluster-Fullerenes and the study of their magnetical behaviour
30.04.Louis Veyrat
Quantum interferences of Dirac Fermions in Bi2Se3 nanostructures
16.04.Steven Rodan
NMR Investigation of Optimal Mn Content in Co2MnxSi0.88 Films for High TMR
09.04.Frederik Klein
Nanoscale low energy electron induced graphitisation in tetrahedral amorphous carbon thin films
26.03.Wolf Schottenhamel
Thermodynamic investigations on the triple-layered Sr4Ru3O10 system   
19.03.Oleksii Vakaliuk
Towards thermal transport in magnetic field at sub-kelvin temperature range
12.03.Sami Makharza
Graphene oxide based nanohybrids for anticancer activity assessment
05.03.Ahmad Omar
Crystal growth using Floating Zone technique
26.02Benjamin Mahns
Molecular doping of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
19.02.Yannic Utz
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance on Spin 1/2 Heisenberg Chains under the Impact of Impurities
12.02.Ronny Schlegel
LiFeAs, a STM/STS surface study
05.02.Christopher Reiche
Crafting micro- and nanostructures for magnetic experiments
29.01.Uwe Treske
Spectroscopic Investigations on Oxide Heterostructures
22.01.Christian David Salazar Enriquez
Spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy for studying magnetic molecules
15.01.Uwe Gräfe
Nuclear magnetic and Quadrupole Resonance on Iron Pnictides
08.01.Tobias Ritschel
Electronic band structure of 1T-TaS2 and new implications for the Mott-phase                               


Archive PhD seminars

Einladung zum
IFF - Doktorandenseminar
Florian Rückerl
IFF 11
Spectroscopic investigation of charge transfer
at organic semiconductor systems
Montag, 09. Mai 2016
15:00 Uhr
IFW Dresden
Eingeladen von Prof. Dr. Bernd Büchner

Spectroscopic investigation of charge transfer at organic semiconductor systems


18.12.Christian Nowka
Thermodynamic Modeling and Crystal Growth of doped and undoped Bi-Chalcogenides
11.12.Dr. Shigh Shiv Jee
Synthesis and characterization of iron based oxypnictide superconductors
04.12.Susi Lindner
Charge transfer at phthalocyanine interfaces
27.11.Alexander Fedorov
Electronic properties of functionalized graphene and h-BN monolayer
13.11.Sven Partzsch
Magnetic Order of Randomly Distributed Fe in Multiferroic YMn1.93Fe0.07O5 Revealed by Resonant X-ray Diffraction
16.10.Martha Scheffler
Spin- polarized STM for visualizing the SDW of superconductors
09.10.Frederik Klein
Ion- and electron-induced graphitisation analysed by tunnelling spectroscopy
02.10.Steven Rodan
NMR Reveals Structural Evolution Upon Annealing in Heusler Thin Films
25.09.Ashwin Mohan
Thermal transport in impurity doped spin chains
18.09.Nadine Heming
Surface properties of SmB6 studied by X-ray spectroscopy
11.09.Janek Maletz
ARPES study on the iron- chalcogenite superconductors FeSe and Rb0.77Fe1.61Se2
17.07.Zhang, Yang
Metal Nitride Cluster as a Template to Tune the Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Rare-Earth Metal Containing Endohedral Fullerenes
10.07.Deng, Qingming
Arc- discharge synthesis of fullerenes in silico
03.07.Bombor, Dirk
Transportmessungen an Supraleitenden Eisenpniktiden und Heusler- Verbindungen
26.06.Pranab Kumar Nag
STM/STS study on LiFeAs single crystal
19.06.Jan Trinckauf
Investigating the Effect of Transition Metal Substitution on the Electronic Structure of 122 Iron Pnictide Superconductors by Means of Resonant Soft x-Ray APRES
05.06.Raghu Nandan Ummethala
Growth and enhancement of electron field emission of CNT's
29.05.Alisa Chirkova
Magnetic phase transformations in FeRh alloys
15.05.Hannes Stummer
Basic investigations of hard magnetic Mn3-xGa bulk materials
08.05.Louis Veyrat
Quantum transport in nanostructures of 3D topological insulators
24.04.Katrin Junghans
Trapped hydrogen and carbon in clusterfullerenes
17.04.David Kunhardt
Chemical modification of carbon nanotubes for the therapy of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer
10.04.Stephan Zimmermann
Magnetic properties on the Mn doped topological insulator Bi2Te3 probed by ESR
03.04.Robert Beck
Crystal growth and characterisation of iron-pnictide superconductors: NaFeAs, LiFeAs and BaFe2As2
20.03.Alexander Fedorov
Electronic structure and many-body interaction in doped graphene: PES study
06.03.Frank Steckel
Thermal transport studies of the 111-superconductor LiFeAs
27.02.Ignazio Gonzales Martinez
In-Situ Room Temperature TEM Fabricated Boron Nanofibres
20.02.Azar Aliabadi
Magnetic properties of Cu-oxamato complexes
13.02.Ahmad Omar
Crystal growth of Co2Cr1-xFeAl Heusler compounds
06.02.Oleksii Vakaliuk
The electronic phase diagram of Co- and F-doped CeFeAsO
30.01.Jaena Park
High-field ESR and magnetization study of Ni based complexes
23.01.Markus Schäpers
Exploring the Magnetic Phase Diagram of Linarite PbCuSO4(OH)2
16.01.Christopher Reiche
Improving Bimodal Magnetic Force Microscopy Sensors
09.01.Markus Gellesch
The Heusler compound Co2FeGa as nanomaterial: Preparation and physical properties



12.12.Friedrich Roth

Electronic structure of selected aromatic hydrocarbon systems investigated with EELS

24.10. Stephan Philippi  

The Mechanical Response of Individual Ferromagnetic Nanowires in Applied Fields

07.11. Claudia Nacke  

Kristallzüchtung eisenbasierter Pniktidverbindungen

17.10. Christian David Salazar Enriquez  

Scanning tunneling microscopy of self-assembled paragmagnetic molecules on gold

26.09. Oleg Mityashkin  

High temperature heat conductivity of low-dimensional spin systems

19.09. Saicharan Aswartham  

Crystal growth and physical properties of Ferro-pnictides

12.09. Felix Börrnert  

Engineering Carbon Nanostructures with Electrons

05.09. Sven Partzsch  

E-Field Controll of the Magnetic Structure seen by Resonant Elastic X-ray Scattering on Multiferroic NdFe3(BO3)4

11.07. Sami Makharza  

Graphene oxide as a nanocarrier for drug delivery

04.07. Tobias Ritschel  

High-Pressure X-Ray Diffraction Studies of electronic order in 1T-TaS_2

20.06. Uwe Teske

Physics of the Heavy Fermion Superconductors CeMIn5 (M=Co, Rh, Ir) investigated by Photoemission Spectroscopy

06.06. Anna Svitova

Synthesis, electronic ana magnetix properties of trimetallic nitride cluster fullerenes

30.05. Maria Dimitrakopoulou

TEM investigations of Heusler single crystals

23.05. Roberto Kraus

Electron spectroscopy of transition metal impurities in iron pnictides

16.05. Ronny Schlegel

Towards molecular spintronics, the way to investigate organic magnetic molecules with STM/STS

09.05. Benjamin Mahns

Photoemission on intercalated Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

02.05 Abdelwahab Hassan

The electrical properties of different kind of CNTs and composite materials

18.04 Christian Rudisch

NMR on LiMnPO4 and AC-Susceptibility on LiFeAs

11.04. Frederik Klein

Phase Change of Tetrahedral Amorphous-Carbon by Low Engery Electrons in a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

04.04. Andreas Teichgräber

Electronic Transport in Bi2Se3 Nanostructures

21.03. Andreas König

Charge Ordering in 2H-TaSe_2 investigated by Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy

14.03. Janek Maletz

An ARPES study on FeSe

07.03. Rafael Mendes

Synthesis, characterization and biocompatibility evaluation of carbon-based nanoparticles

29.02. Jan Trinckauf

Electronic Confinement and Ordering Instabilities in Colossal Magnetoresistive Bilayer Manganites

22.02. Wolf Schottenhamel

High-resolution measurements of thermal expansion and magnetostriction

15.02. Mahmoud Abdel-Hafiez

Specific heat on iron-based superconductors

08.02. Ashwin Mohan

Ni doped La2CuO4: Growth and initial Transport and Magnetic measurements

01.02. Dirk Bombor

Electronic Transport Properties of LiFeAs and NaFeAs Superconductors

25.01. Steven Rodan

Half-metallic Ferromagnetic Heusler Alloys: Bridging the Gap between Physical Properties and Microstructure

18.01. Yang Zhang

Spectroscopic study of Holmium-Based Mixed Metal Nitride Clusterfullerenes: HoxM3-xN@C80 (M0Sc, Lu and Y; x=1,2)

11.01. Raghu Nandan Ummethala

Growth of carbon nanotubes on metallic substrates for field emission applications

04.01. Imad Ibrahim

Comparison between catalyst-assissted and catalyst-free horizontally aligned SWCNTs


14.12. Dr. Thomas Kroll, Stanford University

The Electronic Structure of Iron Heme-Complexes and Intermediates: The Goal of High-Resolution Resonant Inelastic X-ray-Scattering

07.12. Dr. Herbert Voss, Freie Universität Berlin

TeX im 21. Jahrhundert

30.11. Prof. Bernd Büchner

Aspects of the research of the IFF

09.11. Andreas Winkler

SAW-basierte Mikrofluidiksysteme hoher Flexibilität

12.10. Markus Schäpers

Peculiar high-field quantum magnetism in the frustrated s = 1/2 spin chain cuprate linarite

21.09. Friedrich Roth

What is `wrong`with the plasmon in the spin ladder cuprates? CaxSr14-xCu24O41 investigated by EELS

14.09. Danny Haberer

Electronic Properties of Functionalized Quasi-Free-Standing Graphene

07.09. Susi Lindner

Charge transfer at Phthalocyanine interfaces to gold

29.06. Martha Scheffler

STM investigation of Cobalt-Phthalocyanine on HOPG and first results of graphene measurements

15.06. Wolfram Lorenz

Spin dynamics in the quasi-one-dimensional cuprate Li2CuO2

08.06. Oleg Volkonskiy

Crystal Growth of the Quaternary Heusler Compound Co2Cr1-xFexAl

01.06. Felix Börrnert

sp2-carbon-electron interactions

25.05. Saicharan Aswartham

Synthesis, Crystal growth and Physical properties of Iron based Superconductors

18.05. Daniil Yevtushynsky

Prerequisites and consequences of superconductivity in iron-based superconductor from ARPES

11.05. Uwe Treske

Investigation of the chemical and electronic structure of CoPc by photoemission spectroscopy

04.05. Oleg Mityashkin

Dynamic measurements of magnetic heat conductivity

27.04. Steffen Schmitz

Miscibility gaps with potential for new kinds of bulk metallic glasses

20.04. Stefan Philippi

Magnetomechanics in Individual, Ferromagnitically Filled Carbon Nanotubes

13.04. Yulia Krupskaya

Magnetic properties of Mn- and Ni- based single molecular magnetic complexes

06.04. Dirk Bombor

Electronic Transport Measurements on undoped and doped LiFeAs

30.03. Roberto Kraus

Electronic excitations in edge-sharing cuprates as seen by RIXS

09.03. Sven Partzsch

Resonant Soft X- ray Scattering (RSXS) of Multiferroic YMn2O 5

23.02. Christian Schmidt

NMR Measurements on LiMnPO4

16.02. Alexey Alfonsov

Electron spin resonance study of FeAs superconductors

09.02. Danny Baumann

Scanning tunneling measurements at low temperatures

02.02. Anna Svitova

Endohedral gadolinium-containing fullerenes

26.01. Ronny Schlegel

Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy investigations of LiFeAs and NbSe2 at variable temperatures

12.01. Benjamin Mahns

Electronic excitations of potassium doped Manganese Phthalocyanine (MnPc)


15.12. Pavel Leksin

New inerference effects in thin mulilayered structures

08.12. Dr. Andreas Dreizner, Globalfoundries Dresden

Yield Analysis Challenge for 32 nm and below Microchip Technologies

01.12. Muammer Hacisalihoglu

Structural and Magentic Properties of FeSe(x)Te(1-x)

24.11. Dr. Ruslan Zaripov

Pulsed methods in electron spin resonance spectroscopy

10.11. Yulieth Arango

Magnetic properties in low-dimensional systems

20.10. Franziska Wolny

Magnetic properties of individual iron filled carbon nanotubes and their application as probes for magnetic force microscopy

13.10. Nikolai Hlubek

Spinon heat conduction in cuprate spin chains

06.10. Lin Zhang

Tunable magnetic properties inside nitride clusterfullerenes: synthesis, separation and properties of YxTm3-xN@C80(I, II)

22.09. Abdelwahab Hamdy Hassan

Synthesis and electrical properties of different kind of carbon nanotubes

15.09. Jorge Hamann Borrero

Spin structure of multiferroic NdFe3(BO3)4 in applied magnetic and electric fields: A resonant magnetic x-ray scattering study

08.09. Andreas König

Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy on Transition-Metal Dichalcogenides

01.09. Andreas Winkler

Surface Acoustic Wave devices for Microfluidics

14.07. Maria Dimitrakopoulou

Synthesis of silicon nanofibres by laser ablation

07.07. Franziska Hammerath

NMR measurements on iron pnictides

30.06. Mahmoud Mohamed

Thermodynamic Investigations of Iron Pnictide (FeAs) Superconductors

23.06. Andreas Teichgräber

Electrical studies on individual microcrystalline Pnictides

09.06. Nadezda Panarina, Kazan Physical Technical Institute

Modulated microwave absorption study of iron pnictides

02.06. Claudia Nacke

Crystal growth and characterization of Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2-crystals

26.05. Martin Philipp

Electronic structure and transport properties of thin silver films

12.05. Jan Thöne

Charge dynamics in (La1-xPrx)1.2Sr1.8Mn2O7 as seen by ARPES

05.05. Ferdinand Lipps

ESR investigations of a novel Ni hybrid spin chain - possible realization of a Haldane system

28.04. Martin Philipp (verschoben auf späteren Termin)

Electronic structure and transport properties of thin silver films

21.04. Friedrich Roth

Plasmons and Interband Transitions of Sr{14-x}CaxCu{24}O{41} investigated by Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy

14.04. Lin Zhang

Encapsulate Yttrium in fullerene cages: metallofullerene, trimetallofullerene and mixed metal nitride clusterfullerenes

07.04. Carsten Jähne

Synthesis and characterisation of nanoscaled LiCoO2 and LiMnPO4 for Battery application

31.03. Yiku Xu

Floating zone crystal growth of R2PdSi3 intermetallic compounds (R = rare earth elements)

17.03. Felix Börrnert

Early steps towards nano-engineering sp2 carbon with electrons in low voltage TEM

10.03. Dr. Feng Zhu

Crystalline Organic Semiconductor Heterojunction

03.03. Ahmed El-Gendy
  Structural control and magnetic properties of Carbon coated nanomagnets
24.02. Heike Pfau

Setup of a He3-cooling System for Low Temperature Transport Measurements

17.02. Danny Haberer
  Functionalization of graphene by reversible hydrogenation
10.02. Ronny Schlegel
  Design of a dip stick 4K scanning tunnelling microscope
03.02. Gerd Friemel

Transport studies on 122 Iron Arsenide superconductors

27.01. Saicharan Aswartham

Crystal growth and physical properties of Iron pnictide (122 compounds)

20.01. Juliana Brunzlaff

Design of a translation stage for a scanning tunnelling microscope

06.01. Wolfram Lorenz
  On the complex magnetic properties of the spin-chain compound Li2CuO2


16.12. Stefan Philippi

Magnetomechanical Interactions in Self-suspended, Iron Filled Carbon Nanotubes

09.12. Janet Leschner

Investigation of interactions between a diamagnetic MWCNT and a paramagnetic organo-metallic complex

02.12. Oleg Mityashkin

New approaches to time-resolved heat transport experiments

28.10. Steffen Schmitz

Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties of Metallic Glasses

21.10. Yulieth Arango

Coupling between the magnetism and paraelectricity in the spin-chain compound Li2ZrCuO4

14.10. Kamil Lipert
  Magnetization of an individual Fe-filled CNT probed by micro Hall magnetometry
29.09. Volkmar Lankau

Thermoelectric properties of polycristalline SiC material

22.09. Alexey Alfonsov
  Role of the hole doping and structural distortions for the formation of spin polarons in LaCoO3
15.09. Rafael Gregorio Mendes

Magnetic Force Microscopy of Iron-filled Carbon Nanotubes in a Biological Environment

09.09. Matthias Lutz
  Magnetization switching in individual Iron and Iron Carbide nanowires
01.09. Diana Haase
  Carbon nanotubes and their qualification as drug carriers
14.07. Liran Wang
  Thermal expansion and magentostristiction of RO1-xFxFeAs
07.07. Dirk Bombor
  STM: Stripe ordering compounds and iron based superconductors
23.06. Danny Baumann
  First measurements with the 300 mK STM
16.06. Mandy Grobosch
  The influence of surface contamination on the energy level alignment of electrode/organic interfaces
09.06. Steve Kupke

Electrical Transport in freestanding iron-filled MWCNTs

02.06. Dr. Andreas Petr

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Reactive Oxygen Species

26.05. Glen Guhr

Acoustoelectronic sensors for measuring call adhesion

19.05. Agnieszka Kondrat

Thermal and electrical transport properties of RE(O,F)FeAs

05.05. Daniil Yevtushynsky
  ARPES on iron-based high-Tc superconductor BFKA
28.04. Roberto Kraus

EELS measurements on the Mott insulator TiOCl

14.04. Nikolai Hlubek

Magnetic heat transport in Zn doped CaCu2O3

07.04. Danny Haberer
  Shaping graphene with an electron beam
31.03. Mohammed El Bahrawy

Magnetic properties of the new low dimensional S=1/2 system: Cu(NO3)2·H2O

17.03. Yulia Krupskaya

Magnetization and high-field ESR of Ni- and Fe-polynuclear molecular complexes

10.03. Nadja Wizent

Hochdruckkristallzüchtung ausgewählter Oxidverbindungen

03.03. Raimund Brünig

High stability Quartz Microbalance setup for research on biomolecule interactions

24.02. Dr. Stefan Bahr

Quantum dynamics of molecular magnets: micor-Hall and EPR studies on the SMM Fe8

17.02. Anupama Parameswaran

Magnetic properties of metal-organic complexes

10.02. Dr. Umut Adem

Quantum paraelectric-like behavior and giant magnetodielectric coupling in rare-earth iron borates

03.02. Diana Haase

Carboplatin filled Carbon Nanotubes as model for CNT-based drug delivery

27.01. Roman Schuster

Plasmon dispersion in transition-metal Dichalcogenides

13.01. Janet Leschner

Functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes as carrier for Mn2+-based molecular magnets


16.12. Markus Löffler

Gaining insight into (carbon) nanostructures by in-situ measurements and manipulation

09.12. Norman Leps
  Thermodynamic and Magnetic studies on the iron based superconductor RFeAsO1-xFx
02.12. Franziska Hammerath
  A spin gap puzzle in SrCa0.1Cu0.9O2 probed by NMR
25.11. Franziska Wolny
  Iron filled carbon nanotubes as probes for magnetic force microscopy: fabrication, application and calibration
18.11. Andreas Winkler
  Acoustoelectronic Sensor / Actuator Platform for Biotechnological Applications
21.10. Dr. Christoph Baumann
  The world as seen through publishing rose-colored glasses: Confess on an STM publisher
07.10. Dr. Sven Kiele
  Technologieberatung - Spannende Berufsperspektiven für Physiker
23.09. Uhland Weißker
  Mechanical Properties of iron-filled CNTs
16.09. Ferdinand Lipps (Raum: D2E.27)
  Magnetic Resonances on Semiconductor Heterostructures
09.09. Martin Philipp
  Electronic structure and transport properties of thin silver films
02.09. Lin Zhang
  Mixed metal nitride clusterfullerenes
15.07. Wolfram Lorenz
  Magnetic excitations in the spin chain cuprate Li2CuO2
08.07. Florian Kretzschmar
  Magnetization Studies on Quasi One-Dimensional Spin Systems
01.07. Daniel Grimm
  Interference effects in the electronic properties of low dimensional carbon nanotube structures
24.06. Jorge Enrique Hamann Borrero
  RFe3(BO3)4: Magnetic ordering and crystal structure
17.06. Danny Haberer
  SWCNT based devices for transport measurements
10.06. Prof. Bernd Büchner
  Present status of the IFW research on the FeAs superconductors
03.06. Glen Guhr
  Thickness shear-mode resonators - powerful tools for the continuous detection of coagulating blood samples at high resonant frequencies in competition with state of the art rheologic methods
27.05. Kamil Lipert
  A micro hall magnetometer for studies of nanoscaled magnets
20.05. Matthias Lutz
  High resolution Magnetic Force Microscopy of iron filled CNT
13.05. Volkmar Lankau
  Modification of the electric properties of polycristalline SiC materials
06.05. Steffen Schmitz
  Cluster materials with competing properties
15.04. Alexey Alfonsov
  Spin-state polaron in lightly hole-doped LaCoO3
08.04. Danny Baumann
  Setup of a 300 mK ultra high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope
01.04. Agniezska Kondrat
  Thermal conductivity in double spin-1/2 chain materials
25.03. Andreia Popa
  Lithium doped MnO2 nanostructures
18.03. Yulia Krupskaya
  Carbon nanotubes for hyperthermia
11.03. Erik Einarsson
  Synthesis and spectroscopy of vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes
04.03. Daniil Yevtushinsky
  Hall coefficient of transition metal dichalcogenides from ARPES
19.02. Dr. Dieter Elefant
  Magnetization measurements: possibilities and problems
12.02. Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus
  Introduction into aberration corrected and monochromated TEM
05.02. Christian Müller
  Grundlegende Untersuchungen zum CVD-Wachstum Fe-gefüllter Kohlenstoff-Nanoröhren
29.01. Martin Engel
  Synthesis of nitrogen-doped CNTs via Plasma-CVD
22.01. Prof. Lothar Dunsch
  Electrochemistry within one hour


18.12. Dr. Alexander Grüneis
  Introduction to carbon nanotubes and graphene
11.12. Prof. Jörg Fink
  Unconventional Superconductivity
04.12. Dr. Guillaume Lang
  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: principles and application to condensed matter
27.11. Dr. Alessandro Narduzzo
  Electrical and thermal transport measurements: some fundamentals and their application to low dimensional cuprates
20.11. Prof. Bernd Büchner
  Research in the IFF
13.11. Dr. Bernd Rellinghaus - ausgefallen -
  Introduction into aberration corrected and monochromated TEM
06.11. Dr. Hans-Joachim Grafe - wegen Erkrankung ausgefallen -
  Introduction to Nuclear Magnetic and Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance
30.10. Dr. Martin Knupfer
  Electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS) or inelastic electron scattering: some basics and applications
16.10. Arthur W. Taylor
  Carbon Nanotubes for Cancer Hyperthermia: Potential and Challenges
25.09. Raimund Brünig
  New approach for measuring liquid properties with QCM and SAW
18.09. Diana Haase
  On the synthesis and properties of carbon coated nanowires
11.09. Christian Kramberger
  Polarized dielectric response of aligned carbon nanotubes
04.09. Anupama Parameswaran
  Introduction to ac susceptibility measurements and a few preliminary results
28.08. Janet Leschner
  Dielectric properties of some rare-earth compounds
21.08. Roman Schuster
  Gaps in Cuprates - The ARPES Point of View
07.08. Robert Schneider
  Magnon Heat Transport in La_2Cu_ {1-x}Ni_xO_4 and CuO
24.07. Liran Wang
  A miniature capacitance dilatometer for thermal expansion and magnetostriction measurements
17.07. Dmytro Inosov
  "Waterfalls" in cuprates
10.07. Uhland Weißker
  Synthesis of iron-filled CNTs as probes for MFM
03.07. Norman Leps
  Thermodynamic properties of Fe doped rare earth manganates RMn2O5
26.06. Franziska Wolny
  Characterisation and Application of Iron Filled Carbon Nanotubes in Magnetic Force Microscopy
19.06. Martin Philipp
  Multiferroicity in RFe3(BO3)4 - structural and thermodynamic studies
12.06. Andreia Popa
  Electrochemically doped vanadium oxide nanotubes
05.06. Dr. Alexander Grüneis
  Low energy quasiparticle dispersion of graphite and few layer graphene
29.05. Dr. Evgenia Vavilova
  NMR in correlated magnets: Li(2)ZrCuO(4)
22.05. Nikolai Hlubek
  Thermal conductivity of the low dimensional spin system TiOCl
15.05. Dr. Anastasia Vyalikh
  Carbon coated nanothermometers
17.04. Markus Löffler
  Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube synthesis by Laser-assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition
05.04. Dr. Babak Zeini, FORCE Communication & Media GmbH
  "Das Leben danach" Physiker im Berufsleben - ein Erfahrungsbericht
03.04. Mohammed El Bahrawy
  In2VO5 - a new low dimensional S = 1/2 system probed by magnetic resonance
21.03. Dr. Natalia Tristan
  Li2ZrCuO4: Evidence of a magnetic phase transition and recent development
28.02. Mandy Grobosch
  Charge injection at realistic metal/organic interfaces: metals become faceless
14.02. Uwe Schaufuß
  High field ESR on YbRh2Si2
07.02. Yulieth Arango
  Electron Spin Resonance in Vanadium-Oxide Nanotubes
31.01. Dr. Christine Täschner
  Carbon nanotubes: synthesis by CVD methods
24.01. Stefan Golla
  Design eines Mini-4-Kelvin-UHV- Rastertunnelmikroskops - Teil 1
10.01. Kaushik Biswas
  Effect of melt convection on microstructure evolution of peritectic NdFeB and TiAl alloys


13.12. Gregorz Urbanik
  Surface properties of cleaved YBa2Cu3O6.6 crystals studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

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