TEM Tecnai F30

Our transmission electron microscope Tecnai F30 (from Philips -> FEI Company -> Thermo Fisher Scientific)


operates at 300 kV accelerating voltage and is equipped with:

  • Field emission gun (FEG)
  • Super-twin alpha objective lens
  • Scanning unit (STEM) with bright field (BF), dark field (DF), and high angle annular dark field (HAADF) detector
  • Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDXS) (Edax/Ametek TEAM Octane T Optima EDS windowless)
  • Imaging energy filter (Gatan GIF 200)
  • Multiscan CCD camera (Gatan MSC 794)
  • Integrated programmable user interface for all components

Performance of our Tecnai F30:

Specimens: Thickness 5 - 300 nm,
diameter 3 mm
Holders: Single tilt low background (+- 40° tilt),
double tilt low background,
double tilt low background with cooling (liquid N2),
double tilt rotation holder,
in-situ straining holder,
in-situ STM holder
Resolution: Point res. 0.19 nm,
Information limit 0.12 nm
Magnification: 70 x - 18 Mill. x
STEM: Resolution 0.2 nm (Mag. up to 230 Mill. x)
BF-, DF-, HAADF-detectors
EDXS: Lateral resolution < 2 nm. Detection of all chemical elements with Z >= 5 (Bor), detection limit 0.5 %, correctness 20 %
EELS: Lateral resolution < 1 nm. Energy resolution < 1 eV. Especially effective for light elements (e.g. B, C, N, O), detection limit very matrix dependent, >= 0.5 %, correctness 30 %
Energy filtered imaging: Lateral resolution < 1 nm, energy resolution about 1 eV.