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Press Releases 2020

Smallest microelectronic robot


In the current issue of “Nature Electronics” we report on the development of the smallest microelectronic robot driven and controlled by a twin-jet-engine

Annual Report 2019 has been published in a completely new look


Have look here on the pdf file.

Routes to control diffusive pathways and thermal expansion in Ti-alloys


New publication in Scientific Reports proposes processing routes to achieve null linear expansion in Ti-alloys

New results on magnetic Weyl semimetal Cobalt-Shandit


Interesting features in the temperature dependency of the anomalous Hall and Nernst effects (Nano Lett. 2020, 20, 1, 300-305)

Integrate Micro Chips for electronic Skin


First fully integrated flexible electronics made of magnetic sensors and organic circuits opens the path towards the development of electronic skin.

BIOREMIA Kick-off Meeting at IFW Dresden on Jan. 23/24, 2020


Project partners of the BIOREMIA network meet at IFW Dresden to launch the project.