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Prof. Dr. Jeroen van den Brink

Director of the Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW Dresden
Professor of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics, Department of Physics, TU Dresden
email: j.van.den.brink "at" ifw-dresden.de

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21 September 2015
Blackboard Lunch Talk on
Relativistic Motterials at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, Santa Barbara

Josephson currents induced by the Witten effect
Physical Review Letters 117, 167002 (2016)
Flavio Nogueira, Zohar Nussinov and JvdB

Theoretical demonstration of how the dispersion of magnetic excitations in cuprate compounds can be determined using RIXS
Physical Review Letters 103, 117003 (2009)
Luuk Ament et al.

Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering Studies of Elementary Excitations
Reviews of Modern Physics 83, 705 (2011)
Luuk Ament et al.

Orbital-driven nematicity in FeSe
Nature Materials 14, 210 (2015)
Seung-Ho Baek et al.

Strongly frustrated triangular spin lattice emerging from triplet dimer formation in honeycomb Li2IrO2
Nature Communications 7, 10273 (2016)
Satoshi Nishimoto et al.

 Compass models: theory and physical motivations
Reviews of Modern Physics 87, 1 (2015)
Zohar Nussinov and JvdB

Spin-orbital separation in the quasi-one-dimensional Mott insulator Sr2CuO3
Nature 485, 82 (2012)
Justine Schlappa et al.

Stacked topological insulator built from bismuth-based graphene sheet analogue
Nature Materials 12, 422 (2013)
Bertold Rasche et al.

The quantum nature of skyrmions and half-skyrmions in Cu2OSeO3
Nature Communications 5, 5376 (2014)
Oleg Janson et al.


Spin excitations in a single La2CuO4 layer
Nature Materials 11, 850 (2012)
Mark Dean et al.

Narrowing of Topological Bands due to Electronic Orbital Degrees Freedom
Physical Review Letters 107, 116401 (2011)
Jorn Venderbos et al.


Graphene: What lies between
Nature Matererials 9, 291 (2010)

Magnetic excitations and phase separation in the underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 superconductor measured by RIXS
Physical Review Letters 104, 077002 (2010)
Lucio Braicovich et al.

Metacinnabar (beta-HgS): A Strong 3D Topological Insulator with Highly Anisotropic Surface States
Physical Review Letters 106, 236806 (2011)
Francois Virot et al.


November 17 (2010)
Frustration-Induced Insulating Chiral Spin State in Itinerant Triangular-Lattice Magnets
Physical Review Letters 105, 216405 (2010)
Sanjeev Kumar and JvdB

Graphene: from strength to strength
Nature Nanotechnology 2, 199 (2007)


Transition Metal Oxides: Travels in one dimension
Nature Materials 5, 427 (2006)
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An Intrinsic Limit to Quantum Coherence due to Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking
Physical Review Letters 94, 230401 (2005)
Jasper van Wezel et al.

Doping graphene with contacts
Physical Review Letters 101, 026803 (2008)
Gianluca Giovannetti et al.

Substrate-induced bandgap in graphene on hexagonal boron nitride
Physical Review B 76, 073103 (2007)
Gianluca Giovannetti et al.
  Bond- versus site-centred ordering and possible ferroelectricity in manganites
Nature Materials 3, 853 (2004)
Dima Efremov et al.
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