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Electron Spectroscopy and Microscopy

We use electrons as a tool to probe electronic excitations, crystal structure, magnetic field distribution and composition.

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Magnetic properties

We investigate magnetic and electronic properties using thermodynamic methods,  high field ESR and NMR spectroscopies.

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Nanoscale Chemistry

We focus  on the synthesis of inorganic, organic, and hybrid nanomaterials.

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Surface Dynamics

We research on high frequency ultrasound phenomena related to surface acoustic waves and bulk acoustic waves .

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Synchrotron Methods

Through the interaction of matter with radiation, we investigate the electronic and crystal structure of materials.

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Synthesis and crystal growth

We are dedicated to the synthesis, crystal growth and characterization of materials with specific properties.

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Transport and Scanning Probe Microscopy

We investigate the transport of charge and entropy in bulk materials and nanoscale devices, and map the local DOS and the magnetization in the nanoscale.

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