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Technologies for Functional Materials

Our research is focused on magnetocaloric materials, which change their temperature upon the application and removal of an external magnetic field. Such materials can be applied in novel energy applications, such as CFC-free magnetic cooling systems or thermomagnetic generators.

We develop new processing and shaping technologies for magnetocaloric materials and composites in order to adjust their functional and structural properties specifically for their application.

Our activities comprise close cooperation with both industry and research community:

  • Magnetocaloric Air Conditioning: BMWi-Project "SOMAK"
  • Characterization and development of magnetocaloric materials: Cooperation with KITECH, South Korea

Watch our youtube video to learn how magnetocaloric air conditioning works.

More information about our recent projects and publications can be found in the Research news.

Dr. Maria Krautz

Phone: +49 351 4659 669
Email: m.krautz(at)