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Journal Papers

2022 - S.K. Jena, T. Sarkar, M. RoyChowdhury, B. Weise, Y. Qi, S. Thota
Slow spin dynamics of cluster-glass spinel Zn(Fe1-xRux)2O4: role of Jahn-Teller active spin-1/2 Cu2+ ions at B-sites
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | Volume: 34 | P. 405801/1-14 | URL

2022 - P. Pramanik, M. Reehuis, M. Tovar, A. Hoser, J. Hoffmann, Y. Chen, J. Lin, B. Weise, A. Waske, S. Thota
Strong correlation between structure and magnetic ordering in tetragonally distorted off-stoichiometric spinels Mn1.15Co1.85O4 and Mn1.17Co1.60Cu0.23O4
Physical Review Materials | Volume: 6 | Issue: 3 | P. 034407/1-12 | URL

2022 - S. Das, R. Dokala, B. Weise, R. Medwal, R. Rawat, P. Mishra, S. Thota
Effect of Ce substitution on the local magnetic ordering and phonon instabilities in antiferromagnetic DyCrO3 perovskites
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | URL

2022 - M.R. Chowdhury, M. Seehra, P. Pramanik, S. Ghosh, T. Sarkar, B. Weise, S. Thota
Antiferromagnetic short-range order and cluster spin-glass state in diluted spinel ZnTiCoO4
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | P. 1-16 | URL

2022 - J. Ćwik, Y. Koshkid’ko, K. Nenkov, E. Tereshina-Chitrova, M. Małecka, B. Weise, K. Kowalska
Magnetocaloric performance of the three-component Ho1-xErxNi2 (x = 0.25, 0.5, 0.75) Laves phases as composite refrigerants
Scientific Reports | Volume: 12 | P. 12332/1-11 | URL

2022 - M. R, M. Seehra, S. Ghosh, R. Medwal, R. Rawat, B. Weise, E. Choi, S. Thota
Determination of the Tricritical point, H-T phase diagram and Exchange Interactions in the Antiferromagnet MnTa2O6
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | Volume: 34 | Issue: 15 | P. 155801/1-12 | URL

2022 - J. Ćwik, Y. Koshkid’ko, K. Nenkov, E. Tereshina-Chitrova, B. Weise, K. Kowalska
Low-Temperature Magnetothermodynamics Performance of Tb1-xErxNi2 Laves-Phases Compounds for Designing Composite Refrigerants
Crystals | Volume: 12 | Issue: 7 | P. 931/1-11 | URL

2021 - A. Stepanov, S. Fedorenko, R. Mendes, M. Rümmeli, L. Giebeler, B. Weise, T. Gemming, S. Dutz, D. Zahn, I. Ismaev, R. Amirov, K. Kholin, A. Voloshina, A. Sapunova, S. Solovieva, A. Mustafina
T2- and T1 relaxivities and magnetic hyperthermia of iron-oxide nanoparticles combined with paramagnetic Gd complexes
Journal of Chemical Sciences | Volume: 133 | P. 43/1-10 | URL

2021 - M. Calin, J. Vishnu, P. Thirathipviwat, M.-M. Popa, M. Krautz, G. Manivasagam, A. Gebert
Tailoring biocompatible Ti-Zr-Nb-Hf-Si metallic glasses based on high-entropy alloys design approach
Materials Science and Engineering C | Volume: 121 | P. 111733/1-7 | URL

2021 - J. Cwik, Y. Koshkid’Ko, M. Małecka, B. Weise, M. Krautz, A. Mikhailova, N. Kolchugina
Magnetocaloric prospects of mutual substitutions of rare-earth elements in pseudobinary Tb1-xHoxNi2 compositions (x = 0.25-0.75)
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 886 | P. 161295/ | URL

2021 - L. Beyer, B. Weise, J. Freudenberger, J. Hufenbach, T. Gottschall, M. Krautz
Evaluation of the effective temperature change in Gd-based composite wires assessed by static and pulsed-field magnetic measurements
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Volume: 536 | P. 168115/1-6 | URL

2021 - T. Samanta, B. Weise, L. Beyer, M. Krautz
Hydrostatic pressure induced giant enhancement of entropy change as driven by structural transition in Mn0.9Fe0.2Ni0.9Ge0.93Si0.07
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 129 | Issue: 2 | P. 023901/1-6 | URL

2021 - D. Dzekan, A. Waske, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
Efficient and affordable thermomagnetic materials for harvesting low grade waste heat
APL Materials | Volume: 9 | Issue: 1 | P. 011105/1-9 | URL

2021 - R. Maruthi, S. Ghosh, M.S. Seehra, D.C. Joshi, M.R. Chowdhury, R. Medwal, R.S. Rawat, B. Weise, S. Thota
Magnetic field-temperature phase diagram, exchange constants and specific heat exponents of the antiferromagnet MnNb2O6
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | Volume: 33 | Issue: 34 | P. 345801/1-9 | URL

2020 - S. Fedorenko, J. Elistratova, A. Stepanov, A. Khazieva, M. Mikhailov, M. Sokolov, K. Kholin, I. Nizameev, R. Mendes, M. Rümmeli, T. Gemming, B. Weise, L. Giebeler, D. Mikhailova, S. Dutz, D. Zahn, A. Voloshina, A. Sapunova, A. Daminova, S. Fedosimova, A. Mustafina
ROS-generation and cellular uptake behavior of amino-silica nanoparticles arisen from their uploading by both iron-oxides and hexamolybdenum clusters
Materials Science and Engineering C | Volume: 117 | P. 111305/1-11 | URL

2020 - N. Perez Rodriguez, C. Wolf, A. Kunzmann, J. Freudenberger, M. Krautz, B. Weise, K. Nielsch, G. Schierning
Entropy of Conduction Electrons from Transport Experiments
Entropy | Volume: 22 | Issue: 2 | P. 244/1-8 | URL

2020 - M. Krautz, L. Beyer, A. Funk, A. Waske, B. Weise, J. Freudenberger, T. Gottschall
Predicting the dominating factors during heat transfer in magnetocaloric composite wires
Materials and Design | Volume: 193 | P. 108832/1-7 | URL

2019 - M. Krautz, M. Beyer, C. Jäschke, L. Schinke, A. Waske, J. Seifert
A Magnetocaloric Booster Unit for Energy-Efficient Air-Conditioning
Crystals | Volume: 9 | Issue: 2 | P. 76/1-15 | URL

2019 - S. Fedorenko, A. Stepanov, G. Sibgatullina, D. Samigullin, A. Mukhitov, K. Petrov, R. Mendes, M. Rümmeli, L. Giebeler, B. Weise, T. Gemming, I. Nizameev, K. Kholin, A. Mustafina
Fluorescent magnetic nanoparticles for modulating the level of intracellular Ca2+ in motoneurons
Nanoscale | Volume: 11 | Issue: 34 | P. 16103-16113 | URL

2019 - A. Waske, D. Dzekan, K. Sellschopp, D. Berger, A. Stork, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
Energy harvesting near room temperature using a thermomagnetic generator with a pretzel-like magnetic flux topology
Nature Energy | Volume: 4 | P. 68-74 | URL

2019 - G. Potnis, M. Krautz, A. Waske, J. Das, J. Eckert
Assessing two rapid quenching techniques for the production of La‐Fe‐Si magnetocaloric alloys in reduced annealing time
Material Design & Processing Communications | Volume: e96 | P. 1-9 | URL

2019 - O. Glushko, A. Funk, V. Maier-Kiner, P. Kraker, M. Krautz, J. Eckert, A. Waske
Mechanical properties of the magnetocaloric intermetallic LaFe11.2Si1.8 alloy at different length scales
Acta Materialia | Volume: 165 | P. 40-50 | URL

2019 - R. Zhang, M. Qian, A. Waske, H. Shen, X. Zhang
Investigating the microstructure and magnetic properties of La-Fe-Si microwires during fabrication and heat treatment process
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 794 | P. 153-162 | URL

2019 - S. Dash, A.V. Lukoyanov, Y.V. Knyazev, Y.I. Kuzmin, E.D. Baglasov, B. Weise, P. Kumar, M. Vasundhara, A.K. Patra
Impression of magnetic clusters, critical behavior and magnetocaloric effect in Fe3Al alloys
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics | Volume: 21 | Issue: 20 | P. 10823-10833 | URL

2018 - S. Schwabe, B. Schleicher, R. Niemann, R. Hühne, P. Walter, K. Nielsch, A. Waske, S. Fähler
Probing the martensitic (micro)structure of magnetocaloric Heusler films by synchrotron diffraction
Energy Technology | Volume: 6 | Issue: 8 | P. 1453-1462 | URL

2018 - D. Ehinger, J. Weise, J. Baumeister, A. Funk, A. Waske, L. Krueger, U. Martin
Microstructure and Deformation Response of TRIP-Steel Syntactic Foams to Quasi-Static and Dynamic Compressive Loads
Materials | Volume: 11 | Issue: 5 | P. 656 | URL

2018 - B. Weise, B. Dutta, N. Teichert, A. Huetten, T. Hickel, A. Waske
Role of disorder when upscaling magnetocaloric Ni-Co-Mn-Al Heusler alloys from thin films to ribbons
Scientific Reports | Volume: 8 | P. 9147/1-10 | URL

2018 - A. Funk, M. Zeilinger, A. Miehe, D. Sopu, J. Eckert, F. Doetz, A. Waske
MnFePSi-based magnetocaloric packed bed regenerators: Structural details probed by X-ray tomography
Chemical Engineering Science | Volume: 175 | P. 84-90 | URL

2018 - J. Landers, S. Salamon, W. Keune, M.E. Gruner, M. Krautz, J. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T.S. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Determining the vibrational entropy change in the giant magnetocaloric material LaFe11.6Si1.4 by nuclear resonant inelastic x-ray scattering
Physical Review B | Volume: 98 | Issue: 2 | P. 024417/1-14 | URL

2018 - O.O. Salman, A. Funk, A. Waske, J. Eckert, S. Scudino
Additive Manufacturing of a 316L Steel Matrix Composite Reinforced with CeO2 Particles: Process Optimization by Adjusting the Laser Scanning Speed
Technologies | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | P. 25/1-10 | URL

2018 - N. Narayanan, A. Senyshyn, D. Mikhailova, T. Faske, T. Lu, Z. Liu, B. Weise, H. Ehrenberg, R. A. Mole, W. D. Hutchison, H. Fuess, G. J. McIntyre, Y. Liu, D. Yu
Magnetic structure and spin correlations in magnetoelectric honeycomb Mn4Ta2O9
Physical Review B | Volume: 98 | Issue: 13 | P. 134438/1-15 | URL

2018 - K. Sellschopp, B. Weise, M. Krautz, F. Cugini, M. Solzi, L. Helmich, A. Huetten, A. Waske
Interfacial Thermal Resistance in Magnetocaloric Epoxy-Bonded La-Fe-Co-Si Composites
Energy Technology | Volume: 6 | Issue: 8 | P. 1448-1452 | URL

2018 - A. Funk, J. Freudenberger, A. Waske, M. Krautz
Getting magnetocaloric materials into good shape: Cold-working of La(Fe, Co, Si)13 by powder-in-tube-processing
Materials Today Energy | Volume: 9 | P. 223-228 | URL

2018 - J. Doentgen, J. Rudolph, A. Waske, D. Haegele
Modulation infrared thermometry of caloric effects at up to kHz frequencies
Review of Scientific Instruments | Volume: 89 | Issue: 3 | P. 033909/1-8 | URL

2018 - M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, J. Landers, S. Salamon, M. Krautz, J.Y. Zhao, M.Y. Hu, T. Toellner, E.E. Alp, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Moment-Volume Coupling in La(Fe1-xSix)(13)
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics | Volume: 255 | Issue: 2 | P. 1700465/1-12 | URL

2018 - A. Waske, M. Gruner, T. Gottschall, O. Gutfleisch
Magnetocaloric materials for refrigeration near room temperature
MRS Bulletin | Volume: 43 | Issue: 4 | P. 269-273 | URL

2018 - A. Funk, M. Zeilinger, F. Doetz, I. Soldatov, R. Schäfer, A. Waske
Hysteresis of MnFePSi Spherical Powder Ensembles Studied by Magneto-Optical Imaging
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics | Volume: 255 | Issue: 2 | P. 1700345/1-7 | URL

2018 - A. Waske, B. Dutta, N. Teichert, B. Weise, N. Shayanfar, A. Becker, A. Huetten, H. Hickel
Coupling Phenomena in Magnetocaloric Materials
Energy Technology | Volume: 6 | Issue: 8 | P. 1429-1447 | URL

2017 - D.S. Krylov, F. Liu, S. Avdoshenko, L. Spree, B. Weise, A. Waske, A. Wolter-Giraud, B. Büchner, A. Popov
Record-high thermal barrier of the relaxation of magnetization in the nitride clusterfullerene Dy2ScN@C80-Ih
Chemical Communications | Volume: 53 | Issue: 56 | P. 7901-7904 | URL

2017 - M. Krautz, D. Werner, M. Schrödner, A. Funk, A. Jantz, J. Popp, J. Eckert, A. Waske
Hysteretic behavior of soft magnetic elastomer composites
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Volume: 426 | P. 60-63 | URL

2017 - M.G. Zavareh, Y. Skourski, K.P. Skokov, D.Y. Karpenkov, L. Zvyagina, A. Waske, D. Haskel, M. Zhernenkov, J. Wosnitza, O. Gutfleisch
Direct Measurement of the Magnetocaloric Effect in La(Fe,Si,Co)13Compounds in Pulsed Magnetic Fields
Physical Review Applied | Volume: 8 | Issue: 1 | P. 014037/1-9 | URL

2017 - P. Pramanik, S. Thota, S. Singh, D.C. Joshi, B. Weise, A. Waske, M.S. Seehra
Effects of Cu doping on the electronic structure and magnetic properties of MnCo2O4 nanostructures
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter | Volume: 29 | Issue: 42 | P. 425803/1-13 | URL

2017 - S. Thota, M. Reehuis, A. Maljuk, A. Hoser, J.U. Hoffmann, B. Weise, A. Waske, M. Krautz, D.C. Joshi, S. Nayak, S. Ghosh, P. Suresh, K. Dasari, S. Wurmehl, O. Prokhnenko, B. Büchner
Neutron diffraction study of the inverse spinels Co2TiO4 and Co2SnO4
Physical Review B | Volume: 96 | Issue: 14 | P. 144104/1-13 | URL

2016 - A. Waske, E. Lovell, A. Funk, K. Sellschopp, A. Rack, L. Giebeler, P.F. Gostin, S. Faehler, L.F. Cohen
The impact of surface morphology on the magnetovolume transition in magnetocaloric LaFe11.8Si1.2
APL Materials | Volume: 4 | Issue: 10 | P. 106101/1-6 | URL

2016 - S. Nayak, K. Dasari, D.C. Joshi, P. Pramanik, R. Palai, A. Waske, R.N. Chauhan, N. Tiwari, T. Sarkar, S. Thota
Low-temperature anomalous magnetic behavior of Co2TiO4 and Co2SnO4
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 120 | Issue: 16 | P. 1639505/1-6 | URL

2016 - S. Nayak, D.C. Joshi, M. Krautz, A. Waske, J. Eckert, S. Thota
Reentrant spin-glass behavior and bipolar exchange-bias effect in 'Sn' substituted cobalt-orthotitanate
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 119 | Issue: 4 | P. 043901/1-12 | URL

2016 - A. Gebert, M. Krautz, A. Waske
Exploring corrosion protection of La-Fe-Si magnetocaloric alloys by passivation
Intermetallics | Volume: 75 | P. 88-95 | URL

2016 - B. Weise, K. Sellschopp, M. Bierdel, A. Funk, M. Bobeth, M. Krautz, A. Waske
Anisotropic thermal conductivity in epoxy-bonded magnetocaloric composites
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 120 | Issue: 12 | P. 125103/1-7 | URL

2016 - A.R. Akkineni, T. Ahlfeld, A. Funk, A. Waske, A. Lode, M. Gelinsky
Highly Concentrated Alginate-Gellan Gum Composites for 3D Plotting of Complex Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
Polymers | Volume: 8 | Issue: 5 | P. 170/1-16 | URL

2015 - N. Teichert, D. Kucza, O. Yildirim, E. Yuzuak, I. Dincer, A. Behler, B. Weise, L. Helmich, A. Boehnke, S. Klimova, A. Waske, Y. Elerman, A. Huetten
Structure and giant inverse magnetocaloric effect of epitaxial Ni-Co-Mn-Al films
Physical Review B | Volume: 91 | Issue: 18 | P. 184405/1-7 | URL

2015 - M. Krautz, A. Funk, K.P. Skokov, T. Gottschall, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske
A new type of La(Fe,Si)13-based magnetocaloric composite with amorphous metallic matrix
Scripta Materialia | Volume: 95 | P. 50-53 | URL

2015 - S.I. Makarov, M. Krautz, S. Salamon, K. Skokov, C.S. Teixeira, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende, W. Keune
Local electronic and magnetic properties of pure and Mn-containing magnetocaloric LaFe13-x Six compounds inferred from Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetometry
Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics | Volume: 48 | Issue: 30 | P. 305006/1-12 | URL

2015 - A. Waske, L. Giebeler, B. Weise, A. Funk, M. Hinterstein, M. Herklotz, K. Skokov, S. Faehler, O. Gutfleisch, J. Eckert
Asymmetric first-order transition and interlocked particle state in magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13
Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters | Volume: 9 | Issue: 2 | P. 136-140 | URL

2015 - N. Teichert, A. Boehnke, A. Behler, B. Weise, A. Waske, A. Huetten
Exchange bias effect in martensitic epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sn thin films applied to pin CoFeB/MgO/CoFeB magnetic tunnel junctions
Applied Physics Letters | Volume: 106 | Issue: 19 | P. 192401/1-4 | URL

2015 - M.E. Gruner, W. Keune, B. Roldan Cuenya, C. Weis, J. Landers, S.I. Makarov, D. Klar, M.Y. Hu, E.E. Alp, J. Zhao, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, H. Wende
Element-Resolved Thermodynamics of Magnetocaloric LaFe13-xSix
Physical Review Letters | Volume: 114 | Issue: 5 | P. 057202/1-6 | URL

2015 - H. Attar, L. Loeber, A. Funk, M. Calin, L.C. Zhang, K.G. Prashanth, S. Scudino, Y.S. Zhang, J. Eckert
Mechanical behavior of porous commercially pure Ti and Ti-TiB composite materials manufactured by selective laser melting
Materials Science and Engineering A | Volume: 625 | P. 350-356 | URL

2015 - B. Pulko, J. Tusek, J.D. Moore, B. Weise, K. Skokov, O. Mityashkin, A. Kitanovski, C. Favero, P. Fajfar, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske, A. Poredos
Epoxy-bonded La-Fe-Co-Si magnetocaloric plates
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Volume: 375 | P. 65-73 | URL

2015 - S. Nayak, S. Thota, D.C. Joshi, M. Krautz, A. Waske, A. Behler, J. Eckert, T. Sarkar, M.S. Andersson, R. Mathieu, V. Narang, M.S. Seehra
Magnetic compensation, field-dependent magnetization reversal, and complex magnetic ordering in Co2TiO4
Physical Review B | Volume: 92 | Issue: 21 | P. 214434/1-10 | URL

2015 - B. Dutta, T. Hickel, J. Neugebauer, C. Behler, S. Faehler, A. Behler, A. Waske, N. Teichert, J.M. Schmalhorst, A. Huetten
Interplay of strain and interdiffusion in Heusler alloy bilayers
Physica Status Solidi-Rapid Research Letters | Volume: 9 | Issue: 5 | P. 321-325 | URL

2014 - M. Krautz, J. Hosko, K. Skokov, P. Svec, M. Stoica, L. Schultz, J. Eckert, O. Gutfleisch, A. Waske
Pathways for novel magnetocaloric materials: A processing prospect
Physica Status Solidi C | Volume: 11 | Issue: 5-6 | P. 1039-1042 | URL

2014 - H. Attar, M. Boenisch, M. Calin, L.C. Zhang, K. Zhuravleva, A. Funk, S. Scudino, C. Yang, J. Eckert
Comparative study of microstructures and mechanical properties of in situ Ti-TiB composites produced by selective laser melting, powder metallurgy, and casting technologies
Journal of Materials Research | Volume: 29 | P. 1941-1950 | URL

2014 - M. Krautz, K. Skokov, T. Gottschall, C.S. Teixeira, A. Waske, J. Liu, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch
Systematic investigation of Mn substituted La(Fe,Si)13 alloys and their hydrides for room-temperature magnetocaloric application
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 598 | P. 27-32 | URL

2014 - O.L. Baumfeld, Z. Gercsi, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch, K.G. Sandeman
The dynamics of spontaneous hydrogen segregation in LaFe13-xSixHy
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 115 | Issue: 20 | P. 203905/1-4 | URL

2014 - I. Kaban, P. Jovari, A. Waske, M. Stoica, J. Bednarcik, B. Beuneu, N. Mattern, J. Eckert
Atomic structure and magnetic properties of Fe-Nb-B metallic glasses
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 586 | Issue: Suppl. 1 | P. S189-S193 | URL

2013 - A. Waske, B. Schwarz, N. Mattern, J. Eckert
Magnetocaloric (Fe-B)-based amorphous alloys
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Volume: 329 | P. 101-104 | URL

2013 - K.P. Skokov, K.H. Müller, J.D. Moore, J. Liu, A.Y. Karpenkov, M. Krautz, O. Gutfleisch
Influence of thermal hysteresis and field cycling on the magnetocaloric effect in LaFe11.6Si1.4
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 552 | P. 310-317 | URL

2013 - A. Behler, N. Teichert, B. Dutta, A. Waske, T. Hickel, A. Auge, A. Huetten, J. Eckert
Thickness dependent exchange bias in martensitic epitaxial Ni-Mn-Sn thin films
AIP Advances | Volume: 3 | Issue: 12 | P. 122112/1-9 | URL

2013 - D. Iselt, A. Funk, L. Schultz, H. Schlörb
Electrodeposition of Fe-Ga alloys: From thin films to nanowires
ECS Electrochemistry Letters | Volume: 2 | Issue: 3 | P. D13-D15 | URL

2012 - C.S. Teixeira, M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K. Skokov, J. Liu, P.A.P. Wendhausen, O. Gutfleisch
Effect of carbon on magnetocaloric effect of LaFe11.6Si1.4 compounds and on the thermal stability of its hydrides
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 111 | Issue: 7 | P. 07A927/1-4 | URL

2012 - J. Liu, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, M. Krautz, K. Loewe, A. Barcza, M. Katter, O. Gutfleisch
Exploring La(Fe,Si)13-based magnetic refrigerants towards application
Scripta Materialia | Volume: 67 | Issue: 6 | P. 584-589 | URL

2012 - A. Waske, M. Heiland, S. Odenbach
Local position of colloid clusters in a packed bed of spheres
Chemical Engineering Science | Volume: 76 | P. 192-198 | URL

2012 - A. Waske, H. Hermann, N. Mattern, K. Skokov, O. Gutfleisch, J. Eckert
Magnetocaloric effect of an Fe-based metallic glass compared to benchmark gadolinium
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 112 | Issue: 12 | P. 123918/1-7 | URL

2012 - M. Krautz, J.D. Moore, K.P. Skokov, J. Liu, C.S. Teixeira, R. Schäfer, L. Schultz, O. Gutfleisch
Reversible solid-state hydrogen-pump driven by magnetostructural transformation in the prototype system La(Fe,Si)13Hy
Journal of Applied Physics | Volume: 112 | Issue: 8 | P. 083918/1-6 | URL

2011 - D. Geißler, K.-H. Mueller, J. Freudenberger, K. Nenkov, M. Krautz, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Deformation induced thermoremanent magnetisation in an FeMnNiCr antiferromagnetic alloy
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Volume: 509 | Issue: 9 | P. 3726-3734 | URL

2011 - D. Geißler, J. Freudenberger, A. Kauffmann, M. Krautz, H. Klauss, A. Voss, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Appearance of dislocation-mediated and twinning-induced plasticity in an engineering-grade FeMnNiCr alloy
Acta Materialia | Volume: 59 | Issue: 20 | P. 7711-7723 | URL

2011 - J. Liu, M. Krautz, K. Skokov, T.G. Woodcock, O. Gutfleisch
Systematic study of the microstructure, entropy change and adiabatic temperature change in optimized La–Fe–Si alloys
Acta Materialia | Volume: 59 | P. 3602-3611 | URL

Invited Talks

2019 - A. Waske, D. Dzekan, Kai Sellschopp, D. Berger, Alexander Stork, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
A thermomagnetic generator with novel magnetic field topology - which thermomagnetic material works best?
2019 Joint MMM - Intermag Conference
Washington, DC | USA | 17.01.2019

2019 - L. Beyer, B. Weise, A. Funk, A. Waske, M. Krautz
Magnetocaloric materials for cooling applications
KITECH-IFW-KIMS Workshop: "The Development of Advanced Materials Technology for the self-reliance of Materials and Parts" | KITECH, Incheon, South Korea
Incheon | South Korea | 03.12.2019 - 04.12.2019

2019 - A. Waske, D. Dzekan, Kai Sellschopp, D. Berger, A. Stork, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
Energy harvesting using thermomagnetic generators with magnetocaloric materials
JEMS Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2019
Uppsala | Sweden | 26.08.2019 - 30.08.2019

2019 - A. Waske, M. Krautz, S. Fähler
Magnetische Funktionsmaterialien und deren Untersuchung mit zerstörungsfreien Verfahren
Arbeitskreis DGZfP, an der BAM Berlin
Berlin | Germany | 02.02.2019

2019 - D. Dzekan, D. Berger, A. Waske, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
A new concept of thermomagnetic energy harvesting
Workshop in Visegrad/Budapest
Visegrad/Budapest | Hungary | 16.05.2019 - 20.05.2019

2019 - A. Waske, D. Dzekan, K. Sellschopp, D. Berger, A. Stork, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
Energy harvesting using thermomagnetic generators with magnetocaloric materials
World Materials Research Institutes Forum (WMRIF)
Budapest | Hungary | 18.06.2019

2018 - A. Waske, D. Dzekan, K. Sellschopp, A. Stork, K. Nielsch, S. Fähler
Topology of Thermomagnetic Generators for the Conversion of low Temperature Waste Heat to Electricity
MRS Fall Meeting, Boston/ USA, 25.-30.11.18

2017 - A. Waske
Magnetokalorische Materialien: Von den Grundlagen zur Anwendung
Seminar des VDI-Arbeitskreis Werkstofftechnik, Bremen/ Germany, 21.6.17

2017 - A. Waske, A. Funk, A. Rack, R. Schäfer
In-situ imaging techniques for the study of hysteresis in magnetocaloric materials
International workshop on Hysteresis in magnetocaloric, electrocaloric and elastocaloric refrigeration, Dresden/ Germany, 7.-10.2.17

2017 - A. Waske, M. Krautz, A. Funk, B. Weise, J. Eckert
Rapidly quenched and amorphous magnetocaloric alloys
International Conference on rapidly Quenched & Metastable Materials (RQ16), Leoben/ Austria, 27.8.-1.9.17

2016 - A. Waske, B. Weise, M.-H. Lee, A. Gebert
RE-containing vs. RE-free materials for magnetocaloric refrigeration
MCAR2016, Clearwater/ USA, 18.4.-21.4.16

2016 - A. Waske, A. Funk, B. Weise, M. Bierdel, A. Rack
In-situ XRD and 3D imaging techniques for the study of magnetocaloric materials
MRS Spring Meeting, Phoenix/ USA, 30.3.16

2016 - A. Waske, A. Funk, A. Rack, R. Schäfer
In-situ imaging techniques for the study of magnetocaloric materials
MMM Conference, New Orleans/ USA, 31.10.-4.11.16

2016 - A. Waske
Magnetocaloric Refrigeration: Research interests at IFW Dresden
Seminar of the Physics and Astronomy Department of the Faculty of Sciences at Porto University, Porto/ Portugal, 15.10.16

2016 - B. Schleicher, S. Schwabe, A. Diestel, A. Waske, R. Huehne, P. Walter, L. Schultz, S. Faehler
Towards Multicaloric Refrigeration in Ni-Mn-Ga-Co/PMN-PT Heterostructures
MRS Spring Meeting and Exhibit, Pheonix/ USA, 28.3.-1.4.16

2016 - A. Funk, B. Weise, M. Krautz, G. Potnis, M. Bierdel, M. Haack, K. Sellschopp, A. Waske
Magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13: In-situ experiments and fatigue behavior
Colloquium of the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Leoben/ Austria, 11.3.16

2016 - A. Waske, A. Funk, B. Weise, A. Rack, S. Faehler
The Magnetovolume Transition of LaFe11.8Si1.2 as a Model System to Understand the Influence of Volume Expansion on Hysteresis During First Order Phase Transitions
CIMTECH 2016, Perugia/ Italy, 6.6.16

2015 - A. Waske
Materials Aspects of Magnetocaloric Cooling
Edgar-Luescher-Seminar, Klosters/ Switzerland, 12.2.15

2014 - H. Schlörb, V. Haehnel, C. Konczak, D. Pohl, A. Funk, S. Oswald, C. Damm, L. Schultz
Recent progress on electrodeposition of magnetic iron-based alloy films and nanowires
226th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society, Cancun/ Mexico, 5.-8.10.14

2014 - A. Waske
Magnetocalorics: Fundamentals, Materials & Application Aspects
Summer School of the European Integrated Center for the Development of New Metallic Alloys and Compounds (C-MAC), Liverpool/ UK, 20.6.14

2012 - A. Waske, M. Krautz, A. Moehn, K. Skokov, L. Giebeler, O Gutfleisch, J. Eckert
Magnetocaloric Materials
CMAC-Days Promotional Lecture, Krakau/ Poland, 11.12.12

2012 - A. Waske, K. Skokov, L. Giebeler, O. Gutfleisch, J. Eckert
The Role of Structural Transitions for Magnetocaloric Cooling
International Symposium on Novel and Nano Materials, Instanbul/ Turkey, 26.8.12

2012 - A. Waske
The role of rare metals for magnetocaloric cooling
Korean-German Workshop on Rare Metals, Incheon/ Korea, 3.5.12

2011 - J. Moore, J. Liu, M. Krautz, K. Skokov, C. Teixeira, O. Gutfleisch
La-Fe-Si alloys: From fundamentals to application
Delft Days on Magnetocalorics Workshop, Delft/ The Netherlands, 24.-25.10.11

2011 - D. Geißler, J. Freudenberger, A. Kauffmann, M. Krautz, J. Eickemeyer, L. Schultz
Appearence of dislocation mediated and twinning induced plasticity in an engineering grade FeMnNiCr alloy
Seminar des Instituts fuer Werkstoffwissenschaft, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, 6.6.11