Kerr Microscopy

Wide-field magneto-optical Kerr Microscopy is established for the imaging of magnetic domains. Magnetic fields up to the Tesla range along all major directions can be applied during imaging to study magnetisation processes in a temperature range from 4 K to 870 K. We have also established stroboscopic wide-field Kerr microscopy that allows for time resolved imaging of dynamic processes.


    • Four magneto-optical wide-field Kerrmicroscopes, equipped with electromagnets and image processing for contrast enhancement
    • Combined MOKE magnetometry and domain observation
    • Field of view between 10 µm and 30 cm range, resolution down to optical limit (120 nm)
    • Optical flow cryostat and heating stage for domain observation in the temperature range between 4 K and 800 K
    • Electromagnets for vectorial in-plane field, out-of-plane field, combined in-plane and out-of-plane field, single-sheet magnet for electrical steel sheets
    • High-speed camera with up to 8.000 fps time resolution for time-resolved domain studies