Design and manufacturing of printed circuit boards

Based on a rough concept or an experimental breadboard a professional design procedure for printed circuit boards will be started. Using several device libraries the developer creates a complete schematic, calculates parameters and performs simulation to minimize design failures.


Work station for PCB designDirect LED imagingWet bench, brushing and lamination



For further manufacturing the engineer will provide technical documentation like bill of materials, drawings and for CAM the appropriate data. With this information a LED direct imaging process can be started. For prototyping this technology eliminates the need of printing an additional film prior photo resist exposure.


PCB in wet processPost processing


The wet bench allows to process printed circuit boards up to 300 mm x 400 mm. Baths for photo resist development, etching, rinse and stripping are included as well as a convenient sprayer and a temperature control. The equipment is completed with a brushing and a laminating machine. To round this process line off the Research Technology Department has also the possibility to post process the printed circuit boards concerning mechanical finishing. For that purpose milling and drilling equipment is available.