Qualification of the environment for laboratories

To classify laboratories concerning vibrations, electro-magnetic compatibility, magnetic fields and acoustic we support scientists with the appropriate equipment and methods.


Vibration measurement with very highsensitive acceleration sensors (1000 mV/g), real-time data acquisition, long term recording and data management, spectrum analysis using FFT and CPB, integrated post-processing and reporting.

Measurements of electro-magnetic emission, implementation of methods for radio frequency attenuation and damping, EMC measurements for health and safety at the workplace, analyzing of conductive and radiation coupling from 9 kHz to 8 GHz, recommendations for EMC design
Sources of magnetic field are electrical power lines and electronic equipment. Exposure to human body is regulated in standard EN50499. Measurement tools for occupational and public exposure against reference levels are available. Further we support general purpose measurements of 100nT to 100mT with true RMS AC/DC with possibilities to select frequency range from DC – 400 kHz, automatic data logging includes spectrum analysis with FFT.
Acoustic measurements