• Two independed gateways for receiving e-mail
  • Virusscanners
  • SPAM-Protection

SPAM protection

In the case of trouble sending/receiving an e-mail to/from IFW Dresden

  • make sure have configured an outgoing mail server
  • there is a delay between sending and accepting mails. This could be half an hour.
  • Contact postmaster(@t) to solve the problem if you are the problem is at the IFW Dresden site
  • Contact abuse(@t) if you detect spam traffic outgoing from IFW Dresden
  • Please don't fill up the mailboxes with large mail attachments. Thats a mail not a parcel service. To large mails will be rejected.

Head of department

Thomas Fichte

Phone:+49 351 4659 508
Fax:+49 351 4659 9 508