Division Research Technology

The division research technology is an engineer range with a cross section character, whose tasks are derived from the aims of research of the IFW. The support of the scientific institutes, who are concerned with the solution of technical problems, is the main request. Above all, when the requirements posed can’t be fulfilled by the products, which are available on the market, the interdisciplinary capability profile of the division research technology makes possible the realization of unique research facility and equipment. The new development of research facility occurs in close cooperation with the ordering institutes of the IFW and starts with the implementation of the scientific aim to a technical setting of tasks. The methodical and procedural conception is followed by the calculation, construction, manufacturing and assembling of components as well as the procurement of assemblies. With the integration of the developed plants in the already existent house- and operating technology, complete solutions are handed over to the scientific departments. Beyond it, the division research technology participates in the preparation of investments with an advisory vote and takes over the technical protection of research projects, several institutes are taking part.

The applications of the realized constructions range from the depiction to the characterization of materials and thus imply the mastery of the associated procedural conditions of the process such as for example extreme temperature and pressure ratio or highest precision in movements and measurements. The necessary competence of the division research technology is formed by the know-how of its staff members in the several specialized departments and the equipment on high conditions which is available.

Projects of the Division

Departments of the Division

Abt. 71Electronic Engeneering/Electronics
Abt. 72Mechanical Engineering
Abt. 73Information Technology