Workshop "NMR, µSR, Mössbauer spectroscopies in the study of Fe-based and other unconventional high-Tc superconductors"


Interplay of disorder, nematicity and magnetism in Fe-based Superconductors

Peter Hirschfeld, University of Florida, U.S.A.


Impurities can nucleate local magnetic states and give rise to quasi-long-range magnetic order in correlated electron systems. In the Fe-based superconductors, stripelike (π,0) order usually prevails in parent compounds, but competes with (π,π) antiferromagnetism. I show that in such a situation, unusual emergent defect states ("nematogens") can be created by nonmagnetic impurities which strongly break C4 symmetry and may be responsible for local nematic defect structures observed by STM, as well as for the transport anisotropy observed in these materials.


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