Staff Scientists

Dr. Evgenia Dmitrieva (Spectroelectrochemistry)
E-mail: e.dmitrieva(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-658

Dr. Silke Hampel (Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale)
E-mail: s.hampel(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-323

Dr. Yulia Krupskaya (Organic Single Crystals)
E-Mail: y.krupskaya(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-666

Dr. Albrecht Leonhardt (Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale)
E-Mail: a.leonhardt(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-299

Dr. Andreas Petr (Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale)
E-mail: a.petr(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-840

Dr. Alexey A. Popov (Fullerenes, Spectroelectrochemistry)
E-mail: a.popov(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-871

Dr. Björn Martin Valldor (Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale)
E-Mail: m.valldor(@t)
Tel.: +49-351-4659-548

Post Docs

Fullerenes, Spectroelectrochemistry

Dr. Stanislav Avdoshenko
Quantum-chemical calculations, molecular dynamics
E-mail: s.avdoshenko(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-1130

Dr. Chia-Hsiang Chen
Synthesis of endohedral fullerenes, chemical modification
E-mail: c.h.chen(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-1130

Dr. Fupin Liu
Synthesis of endohedral fullerenes, crystal growth
E-mail: f.liu(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-1130

Dr. Peter Machata
E-mail: p.machata(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-658


Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale

Dr. Vyacheslav Khavrus
Synthesis of CNT for industrial application
E-Mail: v.khavrus(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-761



PhD students

Fullerenes, Spectroelectrochemistry

Katrin Junghans
Synthesis of carbon-containing clusterfullerenes
E-mail: k.junghans(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-827

Ariane Brandenburg
Synthesis and chemical derivatization of endohedral fullerenes
E-mail: a.brandenburg(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-343

Christin Schlesier
Synthesis and magnetic properties of lanthanide EMFs
E-mail: c.schlesier(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-713

Nataliya Samoylova
Synthesis of EMFs, electrochemical properties
E-mail: n.samoylova(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-713

Denis Krylov
Magnetic and optical properties of EMFs
E-mail: d.krylov(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-343

Lukas Spree
Synthesis and magnetic properties of EMFs
E-mail: l.spree(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-713

Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale

Victoria Eckert
Toxicological investigations of different types of CNT
E-Mail: v.eckert(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-369

Robert Fuge
Application of CNT in cement based matrices
E-Mail: r.fuge(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-1806

Martin Grönke
Chemical vapor transport of transition metal chlorides
E-Mail: m.groenke(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-883

Maik Scholz
Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nano Yarns
E-Mail: maik.scholz(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-757

Rasha Ghunaim
Magnetic filled CNT for hyperthermia application
E-Mail: r.ghunaim(at)
Tel: +351-4659-413


Fullerenes, Spectroelectrochemistry

Christian Walter
Kristina Ditte
Cindy Glänzel

Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale

Martha Fechner
Synthesis of Tantal Selenide Nanostructures
E-Mail: m.fechner(at)


Fullerenes, Spectroelectrochemistry

Alexander Beger
E-mail: a.beger(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-343

Marco Rosenkranz
E-mail: m.rosenkranz(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-1824

Sandra Schiemenz
E-mail: s.schiemenz(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-361

Frank Ziegs
E-mail: f.ziegs(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-389

Functional Crystals on the Nanoscale

Robert Heider
E-Mail: r.heider(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-368

Gesine Kreutzer
E-Mail: g.kreutzer(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-390

Katrin Wruck
E-Mail: k.wruck(at)
Tel: +49-351-4659-346