Archive Master Theses: 2009-2012



Qurat Ul Ain Tariq:
Electronic properties of phthalocyanin-metal interfaces studied using photoemission spectroscopy

Marcel Haft:
Füllung von Kohlenstoffnanoröhren mit intermetallischen Verbindungen

Christian Nowka:
Synthese und Charakterisierung von undotierten und dotierten Bi2Se3-Schichten

Johannes Phieler:
CVD Synthesis of grapheme on oxide supports via remote Cu catalysts


Elok Fidiani:
Synthesize of Carbon Nanotube Filed with Contrast Agent

Markus Gellesch:
Carbon Nanotubes filled with intermetallic ferromagnetic compounds

Ignacio Guillermo Gonzales Martinez:
Synthesis and characterization of boron- and aluminium-based nanostructures

Polyxeni Nikolakopoulou:
Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy of Molecular Magnetic Complexes

Judith Ventayol i Boada:
Platinum filled CNTs as temperature sensor for biomedical applications


Junwen Deng:
Electrochemical characterization of rolles-up SI/C tubes for lithium ion battery

Anna Grushina:
Electron spin resonance spectroscopy on magnetically active polynuclear molecular complexes


Maria Dimitrakopoulou:
Synthesis and Characterization of Silicon Nanowires

Rafael Gregorio Mendes:
Magnetic Force Microscopy of Nanomagnets

Wenbo Han:
Functionalisation of carbon nanotubes for application as sensor materials

Sailaja Tetali:
Growth enhancement of Carbon Nanotubes using O2 and H2 by using Laser Ablation method

Zimo Wang:
Functionalisation of carbon nanotubes for biomedical applications

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