288.H. Schmidt
Studying Subsurface Permittivity of Metals by Scanning Microwave Microscopy
1st NanoSaxony Scientific Symposium
Chemnitz, Germany, 11.12.2012
287. O. G. Schmidt
Ultra-thin membranes: Shaping a new nanoworld
Seminar, Bio Innovations Center Dresden
Dresden, Germany, 03.12.2012
286. S. Sanchez
Lab-in-a-tube and nanorobots from self-folded nanomembranes
NanoSeminar, TU Dresden
Dresden, Germany, 29.11.2012
285. S. Sanchez
Optical characterization of self-folded nanomembranes for bio- and nanorobotic applications
3rd SMINT Workshop – “Nanocharacterization tools”
Chemnitz, Germany, 12.11.2012
284. D. Makarov
Shapeable magnetoelectronics
NanoSeminar, TU Dresden
Dresden, Germany, 08.11.2012
283.H. Schmidt
Verwendung dielektrischer Multiferroika in neuartigen, nichtflüchtigen Widerstandsspeichern
EFDS Seminar
Jena, Germany, 07.11.2012
282. O. G. Schmidt (keynote)
Inorganic and hybrid nanomembranes for interdisciplinary research
13th Annual Nanoscience/Nanotechnology Forum Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN, USA, 24.10.2012
281.H. Schmidt
Wavelength dependent, magneto-optical coupling in magnetizable materials
Kolloquium, University of California, Department of Physics
San Diego, USA, 24.10.2012
280. V. M. Fomin
Phonon heat conduction in one-dimensional quantum-dot superlattices and cross-section modulated nanowires
Energy Materials Nanotechnology International Open Access Week
Chengdu, China, 22.-26.10.2012
279. O. G. Schmidt
Shaping nanomembranes into functional 3D objects
Nano 3D conference
Kassel, Germany, 18.-19.10.2012
278. V. M. Fomin
Tunable vortex dynamics in open superconductor micro- and nanotubes
Physics Department, Portland State University
Portland, Oregon, USA, 12.10.2012
277.H. Schmidt
Wavelength dependent, magnetooptical coupling constant of (ferro)magnetic materials
Kolloquium, IFW Dresden
Dresden, Germany, 05.10.2012
276. O. G. Schmidt
Nanophotonics with nanomembranes
IEEE Photonics Conference 2012
San Francisco, Ca, USA, 23.-27.09.2012
275. O. G. Schmidt (plenary)
Strain driven nanoarchitectures and phenomena
The 17th International Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE2012)
Nara, Japan, 23.-28.09.2012
274. O. G. Schmidt
Inorganic and hybrid nanomembranes: From basics to applications
Seminar, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Shiga, Japan, 21.09.2012
273.H. Schmidt
Kelvin probe force microscopy for characterizing functionalized semiconductor surfaces fornano and biotechnologies
E-MRS 2012 Fall Meeting
Warsaw, Poland, 17.-21.09.2012
272. S. Sanchez
Catalytic micro-nanojets towards bionanotools
Workshop on Micro- and Nanomotors: Challenges and Perspectives
Dresden, Germany, 10.-12.09.2012
271. O. G. Schmidt
Smart tubes for smart engines
Workshop on Micro- and Nanomotors: Challenges and Perspectives
Dresden, Germany, 10.-12.09.2012
270. R. Streubel
Magnetism on Curved Surfaces
Joint European Magnetic Symposia 2012
Parma, Italy, 9.-14.9.2012
269. M. Brehm
SiGe nanostructures towards applications in Si-based photonics
Seminar, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research
Dresden, Germany, 29.08.2012
268. J. J. Zhang
SiGe nanostructures: Growth phenomena and device applications Seminar, IBM Zurich Research
Laboratory Rüschlikon, Switzerland, 20.08.2012
267. S. Sanchez
Nanorobots and biological applications of smart tubes
Seminar, Department of Nanoengineering, University of California San Diego
La Jolla, California, USA, 27.07.2012
266. S. Sanchez 
Rolled-up multifunctional microtubes for biophysics, optofluidics and nanorobotics
MESA Colloquium, SANDIA National Labs
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 23.07.2012
265. R. Trotta
Controlling artificial atoms in nanomembranes by the simultaneous application of large strain and electric fields
International Conference on Superlattices, Nanostructures and Nanodevices (ICSNN)
Dresden, Germany, 22.-27.07.2012
264. S. Sanchez
Artificial Nanomachines
Guest invited lecture, Sci Art  NanoLab Summer Institute, UCLA
18.07.2012, Los Angeles, California, USA
263. O. G. Schmidt
Rolled-up nanotech for photonic, electronic and biochemical applications
Gordon Research Conference on Nanostructure Fabrication
Biddeford, Maine, USA, 15.-20.07.2012
262. S. Sanchez
Strained nanoarchitechtures for biotechnology
Conference talk, Metropolitan University Mexico-Azcapozalco
Mexico City, Mexico, 13.07.2012
261. S. Sanchez
Lab-in-a-tube and nanorobotic biosensors
Conference talk, Metropolitan University Mexico-Xochimilco
Mexico City, Mexico, 12.07.2012
260. V. M. Fomin
Theory of electron localization in inhomogeneous 3D Möbius rings
International Workshop on Ordered and Non-Ordered Superstructures of
Nanosized Objects: Preparation, Properties, Applications, and Modeling
Dresden, Germany, 09.-13.07.2012
259. O. G. Schmidt
Künstliche Nanomaschinen: Auf dem Weg zur Reise ins Ich
Schüler-Sommerschule Physik
Chemnitz, Germany, 09.-10.07.2012
258. S. Sanchez
Designing smart self-propelled nanomotors as bionanotools
Seminar, Center for Investigations in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (CIN2)
Barcelona, Spain, 05.07.2012
257.H. Schmidt
Nanocrystallites in high-k oxides sensitized by impedance measurements, European Conference on Electrical Measurements at the Nanoscale using AFM
Linz, Austria, 04.07.2012
256. A. Rastelli
SiGe dots on Si(001): Still able to surprise?
4th International Conference on Nanostructures Self-Assembly (NanoSEA)
S. Margherita di Pula, 25.-29.06.2012
255. V.M.Fomin
Phonon heat transport in one-dimensional quantum-dot superlattices and cross-section modulated nanowires
Department of Physics, University of Antwerp
Antwerp, Belgium, 28.06.2012
254. S. Sanchez
Designing smart micro-motors for life sciences
Seminar. Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLint)
Odense, Denmark, 27.06.2012
253. O. G. Schmidt
Nanomembrane devices
4th Scientific TMS Workshop on Devices
Burgstädt, Germany, 22.-23.06.2012
252. O. G. Schmidt
Microjet engines
Workshop on Transport-Mediated Catalytic Systems for Cascading Events
Arlington, Virginia, USA, 19.-20.06.2012
251.H. Schmidt
Multiferroic oxides, ferromagnetic metals, and amorphous nanonets
Kolloquium, Technische Universität Chemnitz
Chemnitz, Germany, 13.06.2012
250. O. G. Schmidt
Smart tubes for smart systems
4th International Conference on Smart Materials, Structures and Systems
Montecatini, Italy, 11.-14.06.2012
249. O. G. Schmidt
Rolled-up nanotech for lab-in-a-tube systems and microjet engines
3rd International Workshop on Analytical Miniaturization and NANOtechnologies
Barcelona, Spain, 11.-12.06.2012
248. V. M. Fomin
Phonon thermal transport in acoustically-mismatched one-dimensional quantum-dot superlattices and cross-section modulated nanowires
Virtual Conference on Nanoscale Science and Technology (VCNST)
Chengdu, China, 03.-06.06.2012
247. D. Makarov
Magnetic nanomembranes: Nanomagnetism in curved geometries
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University
Uppsala, Sweden, 21.-22.05.2012
246. O. G. Schmidt
Artificial micro- and nanomachinery
BioMod Meeting, Biotec
Dresden, Germany, 08.05.2012
245. A. Rastelli
Piezoelectric control of excitons in single quantum dots
9th International Workshop on Epitaxial Semiconductors on Patterned Substrates and Novel Index Surfaces (ESPS-NIS)
Eindhoven, 07.-09.05.2012
244. V. M. Fomin
Phonon heat conduction in one-dimensional quantum-dot superlattices and cross-section modulated nanowires
Materialphysikseminar, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Halle, Germany, 04.05.2012
243. O. G. Schmidt
Fundamental processes in quantum dot growth
Training School on the Epitaxy and Structural Analysis of III-V-N Semiconductor Nanostructures
Heraklion-Crete, Greece, 29.04.-01.05.2012
242. O. G. Schmidt
Spatial and spectral control of III-As based quantum dots
COST Workshop on Site-controlled Epitaxy
Heraklion-Crete, Greece, 30.04.2012
241. O. G. Schmidt
Nanomembranes in good shape: From vortex dynamics to single cell analysis
Colloquium, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster
Münster, Germany, 26.04.2012
240. D. Makarov
Magnetic nanomembranes
International Palestinian Conference on Nanotechnology for Advanced Material and Devices
Nablus, Palestine, 26. – 28.03.2012
239. O. G. Schmidt
Spatial and spectral control of self-assembled quantum dots
DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2012
Berlin, Germany, 25.03.-30.03.2012
238. C. C. Bof Bufon
Three-dimensional hybrid organic/inorganic heterojunctions based on rolled-up nanomembranes
DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2012
Berlin, Germany, 25.03.-30.03.2012
237. R. Trotta
Electro-elastic control of excitons in semiconductor quantum dots
DPG-Frühjahrstagung 2012
Berlin, Germany, 25.03.-30.03.2012
236. S. Sanchez
Man-made nanomachines
Max Planck Focus Meeting 2012: "Control and Learning in Micro-Systems."
Saig, Germany, 28.02.2012
235. S. Sanchez
From cell division inside microtubes to self-propelled nanorockets
Seminar, Gurdon Institute
Cambridge, UK, 23.02.2012
234. O. G. Schmidt
Rolled-up multifunctional materials
March Meeting of the American Physical Society
Boston, USA, 22.02.-02.03.2012
233. D. Makarov
Magnetoelectronics become shapeable
Seminar of the ECEMP International Graduate School
Dresden, Germany, 16.02.2012
232. G. Katsaros
SiGe self-assembled nanostructures: from surface science to quantum transport
Seminar, Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Computing department, University of Basel
Basel, Switzerland, 10.02.12
231. O. G. Schmidt
Künstliche Nanomaschinen
Planetarium Nürnberg
Nürnberg, Germany, 07.02.2012
230. O. G. Schmidt
Nanomembranes for photonic, electronic and sensing applications.
1. Workshop Leibniz Nano
Berlin, Germany, 30.-31.1. 2012
229. O. G. Schmidt
Stretchable and shapeable nanomembranes for biological detection on and off the chip.
SPIE Photonics West
San Francisco, USA, 21.-26.01.2012
228. O.G. Schmidt
Flexible, stretchable and shapeable nanomembranes for interdisciplinary research
Colloquium, Freie Universität Berlin
Berlin, Germany, 13.01.2012
Professor Oliver G. Schmidt


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