Publications of the Department 'Metallic Glasses and Composites'

Journal papers


K. Kosiba, D. Sopu, S. Scudino, L. Zhang, J. Bednarcik, S. Pauly: Modulating heterogeneity and plasticity in bulkmetallic glasses: Role of interfaces on shear banding, International Journal of Plasticity 119 (2019), S. 156-170 URL

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Contributions to collected editions/proceedings


N. Schaedlich, J.K. Hufenbach, J. Zeisig, K.-U. Baumgart, U. Kuehn: Novel high-performance steels for the development of cast tools, 11th TOOLING 2019, Aachen/ Germany, 12.-16.5.19, 1-8 (2019)

J. Zeisig, A. Froehlich, J.K. Hufenbach, N. Schaedlich, V. Kraeusel, U. Kuehn: New filler material for repair of high-performance steel tools by laser cladding, 11th TOOLING 2019, Aachen/ Germany, 12.-16.5.19, 1-7 (2019)

Invited talks

K. Kosiba, D. Sopu, L. Zhang, J. Bednarcik, S. Pauly: Modulating Heterogeneity and Plasticity in Bulk Metallic Glasses, International Conference of Plasticity, Damage and Fracture, Panama-Stadt/ Panama, 5.1.19 (2019)


K. Kosiba, D. Sopu, L. Zhang, J. Bednarcik, S. Pauly: Modulating Heterogeneity and Plasticity in Bulk Metallic Glasses: Role of Interfaces on Shear Banding, Korea Institute of Technology (KITECH), Seoul/ South Korea, 25.5.18 (2018)


J. Sander, F. Kotcha: Mikrostruktur und Eigenschaften von hochfesten Werkzeugstählen hergestellt mittels SLM, Werkstoffwoche 2017, Dresden/ Germany, 27.-29.9.17 (2017)