Development of biodegradable iron-based alloys of the system Fe-Mn-C-(B, S) for the application as implant material    


The interest in biodegradable metallic materials for the application as temporary implants has been continuously increasing within the last years. Due to the progressive degradation after providing a temporary support on healing process of a diseased tissue, disadvantages of permanent implants, such as further surgery, may overcome.

Due to the broad range of mechanical properties and the excellent processibility iron-based alloys are of great scientific and economic interest for stent application.

The aim of this project is the development of novel iron-based alloys with an advantageous combination of mechanical, chemical and biological properties, which are quality-determining for the application as biodegradable stent. Furthermore, generic stent demonstrators shall be build out of a new developed alloy by selective laser melting (SLM) and subsequently be characterized. Thereby the processing with SLM as sustainable, technological and economical alternative shall be validated.

Funding of this project by the DFG under project number HU 2371/1-1 is gratefully acknowledged.

Contact Person:

Dr. Julia Kristin Hufenbach