Ti-alloys for special applications

Cold-crucible/levitation melting device for the preparation of samples with a cross section up to 10 mm

Our group focuses on the development of multiphase, metastable titanium alloys for light weight applications. Therefore, the main goal is to combine beneficial properties of α, β and – if applicable - amorphous phases on the nanoscale to design a material with high specific strength, macroscopic ductility and sufficient corrosion resistance under atmospheric conditions.

For the development of such metastable alloys there two major requirements: on one hand, the alloys need to consist of ultrapure elements and additionally they need to be rapidly solidified out of the liquid state  with cooling rates up to 1000 K/s (for bulk samples). The utilized rapid solidification techniques and machines are cutting edge technology.

The key issue of our investigation is to understand the correlations between alloy composition, phase formation, processing conditions and the resulting mechanical properties for both the as-quenched material as well as after a certain thermomechanical treatment. This includes detailed observations of the underlying microstructural deformation phenomena, in what manner these affect macroscopic properties and how they can be controlled or manipulated in order to improve the materials’ characteristics.  Mechanical characterization is carried out in uniaxial tensile and compression tests, respectively, whereat the testing temperature can be varied in a wide range. For materials analysis state-of-the-art physical and chemical techniques are available.

On the basis of extensive knowledge in the field of metastable materials and the availability of ultra-modern preparation and characterization techniques on one hand and ongoing cooperation with other working groups at the IFW on the other hand.

Our research projects are funded by:


Federal Department for Economy and Technology

ECEMP  - European Centre for Emerging Materials and Processes Dresden

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Steffen Bickel