Biomaterials (implant materials)

New titanium alloys of the beta-type or metallic glasses are promising materials to meet the high demands on implants in orthopedics or trauma surgery regarding mechanical and biological compatibility. We investigate relations between composition- and process-conditioned microstructure and morphology and resulting chemical and mechanical properties of those new alloys. In the focus is the materials surface, corrosion and related metal release as well as the generation of tailored surface states are decisive for the optimum interaction with bone tissue and for long implant lifetime. A new research topic is the development of biodegradable Fe alloys. We work in close cooperation with the groups Structural Research, Alloy Design and Processing  and Mikro- and Nanostructures. In cooperative research network partners conduct in vivo and in vitro studies with the new materials (SFB Transregio 79).

Recent investigations


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