Dr. Lars Giebeler

E-Mail: l.giebeler(at)

Phone: +49 351 4659 652


Spezies analysis of optimation of synthesis conditions

Example: Thermal treatment of precursors for BPSCCO superconductor technology.

Oxygen tunning of perovskite structure
Reversibility of oxygen exchange in the perovskite structure of Sr2CoIrO6-x

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Species analysis/ Reaction mechanism


  • Simultaneous Thermoanalyser STA 449 Jupiter/ Netzsch Germany.
  • Quadrupol Mass spectrometer QMS Prisma / Pfeiffer Vacuum Germany.


For example:

H. Ehrenberg, D. Mikhailova, N. Narayanan, A. Senyshyn, W. Gruner, S. Oswald, A. Voss, D. Trots, C. Ritter, H. Fuess.
The effect of structural and compositional details on physical properties of new double-perovskites, International Union of Crystallography Meeting, Osaka/ Japan, 23.-31.8.08 (2008).

A. Nilsson, W. Gruner, J. Acker, K. Wetzig.
Critical aspects on preparation of Bi-2223 glassy precursor by melt-process, J Non-Cryst Sol 354 (2008) 839-847.

W. Gruner, M. Herrmann, A. Nilsson, H. Hermann, W. Hässler, B. Holzapfel.
Reactive nanostructured carbon as an effective doping agent for MgB2, Supercond Sci Technol 20 (2007) 601-606.

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